Polestar 3 Enters SUV Segment

Polestar 3 Enters SUV Segment

Polestar, a Swedish-Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, is entering the SUV market. The Polestar 3 should be manufactured in the United States, but not exclusively. The four-door was equipped with Geely technology that enabled it to attain a range of 700 kilometers and a sprint time of fewer than four seconds.

The designers gave aerodynamics a high priority; the Polestar 2’s drag coefficient of 0.28 offers potential for development. Consequently, the first image of the brand’s second all-electric vehicle is an SUV coupé with a low front end and a short, flat rear end.

The Polestar 3 resembles the Tesla Model Y, especially when seen from the front, although it should exceed it in terms of size. A Polestar model range extension should be 20 centimeters longer than the Model Y, which is “only” 4.75 meters long, given that the Polestar 2 is almost 4.61 meters long.

Polestar Precept

Audi e-Tron with all-wheel drive configuration

The Porsche Cayenne (4.93 meters) seems to be positioned as a rival to the Polestar 3. Polestar has provided little information about the vehicle itself. These proportions imply a link with the Zeekr 001, another electric SUV from the Geely universe. The Chinese company intends to offer luxury electric vehicles under the Zeekr brand.

The Zeekr models use Geely’s Sustainable Experience Design (SEA) electric vehicle architecture, which permits a wheelbase of up to 2.80 meters. The Pole Star 3 may be in close proximity to the Zeekr 001. The 4.95-meter-long four-door vehicle, which resembles the design of the Polestar, reportedly can accelerate from zero to one hundred in 3.8 seconds.

The overall output of the electric motors on both axles should be 400 kW, and their maximum torque is 768 Nm. There are battery options with 86 kWh and 100 kWh capacities. 700 kilometers should be the maximum range, and the Zeekr will be able to recharge for 120 kilometers in five minutes.

United States of America and China

Since the Zeekr 01 is manufactured in Ningbo, it should target the Chinese market. On the other side, Polestar 3 CEO Thomas Ingenlath states, “We will develop for Americans in America.” The Polestar 3 will be manufactured in the Charleston, South Carolina Volvo facility.

Volvo helps Polestar to realize cost savings via financial and industrial synergies; Polestar should also benefit from Swedish safety innovations. Moreover, local manufacturing will have an effect on cost and carbon footprint. Ingenlath now specifies October 2022 as the debut month for the Polestar 3.

In May, when presenting the previous quarter’s financial results, the CEO of Polestar also disclosed that, contrary to initial intentions, the 3 Series will also be manufactured in China.

Ingenlath thinks that the Polestar 3 will define the design of premium electric performance SUVs in the electric era. The luxury SUV market category has the highest growth rate in the United States.

Also, the corporation believes it will be the quickest to transition to totally electric cars. The Polestar 5 (see image gallery), which will be released in 2025, will be the first vehicle to leave the SUV sector. With a flat front, aerodynamics are also a priority.

In addition, CEO Ingenlath stated in November 2021 that the Polestar 3 would be one of the most environmentally efficient vehicles ever produced. Volvo, a key stakeholder in Polestar, concluded until recently, in a life-cycle study for the C40 Recharge, that electric vehicles would emit less CO2 emissions in the future.

Highway autonomy for automobiles

Ingenlath also stated in November 2021 that the Polestar 3 would be outfitted with a LiDAR sensor from the American technology firm Luminar and a central processing unit from NVIDIA, allowing autonomous highway driving.

The manufacturer previously said that the Polestar 3 will be equipped with industry-leading connectivity technologies driven by the native Android Automotive OS from Google. Polestar plans to establish around 25 Polestar Spaces throughout the United States. The US Spaces provide clients with services such as in-home test drives, free pickup and delivery, and mobile services.

The pricing issue remains. In Germany, the Polestar 2 begins at €45,000. In the United States, the Polestar 3 might begin at around $70,000. It is yet unknown whether and at what price the brand will sell the Polestar 3 manufactured in the United States in Germany. However, the German head of Polestar may not want to forego the European premium market.

However, this would contradict the low-CO2 on-site manufacturing just as much as the selling of Polestar 2 manufactured in China. In light of the potential performance and size, the price for a Polestar 3 will likely be closer to 80,000 euros – a substantial decrease from the up to about 60,000 euros more costly Polestar 2.

In four years, the number of units increased by a factor of 10.

In November 2021, Ingenlath announced the brand’s vision and development objectives to investors. The CEO of Polestar noted that the brand is already available in 14 international countries. The CEO anticipates sales of around 29,000 automobiles in 2021. In the following three years, a new car will be introduced annually, beginning with the Polestar 3.

Polestar Precept

The brand intends to increase its presence to at least 30 worldwide regions by the end of 2023. Polestar intends to boost its worldwide sales by a factor of ten from about 29,000 cars in 2021 to 290,000 vehicles in 2025. According to Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar’s focus will now be on expansion.

Scandinavian style, Chinese battery technology, and Volvo-typical safety – this is how Polestar intends to thrive as an electric-only brand. The German CEO forecasts a tenfold growth in sales within four years, but he also intends to focus on the low greenhouse gas emissions of his automobiles: According to Thomas Ingenlath, the Polestar 3 will be one of the most environmentally-friendly automobiles ever produced. The presentation in October 2022 will demonstrate how this relates to the recent revelation that the vehicle would also be manufactured in China and what Polestar 3 buyers may anticipate in general.