Polestar has a car showroom inside an igloo – Observer

Polestar has a car showroom inside an igloo – Observer

Polestar is a young brand, with 130 sales worldwide, in the markets in which it operates. But as a Gothenburg-based manufacturer, this builder has customers who spend most of the year surrounded by cold, ice and snow, especially those who live near the Arctic Circle. That’s why he chose a different approach to fit easily into the environment.

Headquartered in Sweden, Polestar is a manufacturer that promises to grow together with Volvo, which is its sister, but with Chinese funds from Geely, the owner of both manufacturers. Yours Polestar 2 is an attractive electric vehicle already available among us, built on the basis of the battery-powered XC40 platform, but Polestar 3 it will be a great step forward, already with a special tram platform, more technology and decent specifications at the top of the range.or did not share a basis with Volvo EX90. Its markets of choice are the countries of Northern Europe, where cold prevails during the winterwhich led Polestar to find a different way to communicate with buyers, after building sales stand like an igloothe kind that the Eskimos call home, but in a different style.

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The igloo, named Snow Space, was designed by Polestar architects and erected by Frozen Innovation, a specialist in the construction of ice blocks. And those who make hotels, palaces and bars using blocks of ice water certainly had no difficulty in establishing a sales center similar to the cube.

Frozen Innovation reports that it took six weeks to build this car igloo in the heart of Rovaniemi, a Finnish town in the middle of the Arctic Circle. This temporary stand has 12 meters high and two meter thick walls, with the construction being done with blocks that were created using 3000 cubic meters of snow taken from the neighboring ski resort. The igloo will be standing, to prevent an unbearable heat wave in the area, until February 23.