Polestar has exceeded the 2022 delivery target

Polestar has exceeded the 2022 delivery target

Polestar delivered about 21,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2022, exceeding its full-year 2022 sales target of 50,000 electric vehicles. According to the manufacturer’s preliminary figures, Polestar sold 51,500 cars last year.

That’s about 80 percent more than throughout the year 2021. Until May Polestar itself assumed 65,000 deliveries in 2022 (which would mean 124 percent growth), but had to lower its forecast due to the government’s Covid-19 shutdown in China and the resulting problems in the supply chain.

In order to achieve the reduced target for the year, a very strong final quarter was necessary – which was certain since the publication of the Q3 figures. With 9,239 deliveries in the third quarter, Polestar delivered 30,424 vehicles at the end of September, 19,576 units below its annual target. Considering almost 10,000 products for the quarter so far, it was not certain that the annual goal could be achieved.

Polestar does not break deliveries in the entire year of 2022 and the fourth quarter in a row, but the highest number comes from the electric sedan Polestar 2. The PHEV Polestar 1 coupe should only have a three-digit number.

Unlike Tesla, for example, which publishes emissions and production figures every quarter, the Swedish brand Geely does not release any information on production. Polestar has only had to publish quarterly figures since its IPO. In the past, car sales announcements were voluntary, for example to persuade investors. So far, delivery figures are only reliable if Polestar has published them themselves – which has usually been the case for the first half of the year or for the whole year. In 2022, for example, there was information about deliveries after four months, but quarterly figures cannot be given specifically due to this. Therefore, we can only provide annual products and protected figures from Q3 2022 at this time – everything else will not be absolute values.

“I am proud of the many steps we have achieved in 2022 and especially the great team effort that entered our strongest quarter – we exceeded our goal of 50,000 global volumes per year,” said Polestar- CEO Thomas Ingenlath. “We are now fully focused on 2023. There will be the usual quarterly changes, but I am confident that we will continue to fully manage our supply chain to meet the growing demand for Polestar 2, and the first deliveries from Polestar 3 and launch Polestar. 4.”

By 2023, Polestar expects global sales to increase to around 80,000 vehicles, which would represent a growth of 60 percent. This should also include the first delivery of the Polestar 3. The large electric SUV had Polestar in October submitted.

Polestar will publish its 2022 results on March 2, 2023.