Polestar is an official brand

Polestar is an official brand

Polestar could officially call itself a car manufacturer from this month. The Geely label, which also includes Lotus and Volvo, for example, had already been submitted as a standalone brand, but all paperwork has now been completed. Polestar models will have their own chassis number with a brand code.

Polestar 1 white outside, front

Identification as a car brand follows almost the same time as the opening of a factory in Chengdu, China. Polestar 1 will be the first to launch a production stream at the new Polestar Production Center. 2 will follow shortly after and Polestar will add 3 to the ranks at a later stage. Polestar will complete the construction of the limited version of Polestar 1 3 when they enter the column. That will be 2022.

Start with Volvo models

Polestar calls itself the manufacturer of electric vehicles, but the Chinese manufacturer begins with a hybrid plug model. From 2 onwards, every new model is a fully functional electric car. All species will see daylight in China. Development is taking place in Sweden in Volvo. The Polestar 1 is a Volvo concept car that has not been released, while the 2 was originally designed to replace the Volvo V40. 3 will be an SUV, which will be designed specifically for Polestar. Pole star 2

Nine countries

Polestar serves the world from China. The new edition covers nine countries, namely China, the United States, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Still available

Polestar will start distributing Polestar 1 this year. Only 1500 units of two 600 hp two-door coupe will be provided, which are offered in a version of 500 units per year. The manufacturer claims that the first year of production has already been sold, but the total hybrid plug costing more than 160,000 euros has not yet been forgiven. The car manufacturer will soon begin a campaign to sell the remaining cars. 2 order books were opened earlier this year. The manufacturer does not indicate how high the interest rate in Tesla’s alternative is.

How is the Polestar 1 running?

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