Polestar is calling out other carmakers for not taking action on climate change

Polestar is calling out other carmakers for not taking action on climate change

Polestar is clearly not out to make friends with carmakers, pointing the finger at them on the eve of COP27 to call on them to make a real commitment against climate change.

Last year, just before the opening of COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, Polestar published a short but very effective clip in which the Swedish brand, born in 1996 and then bought in 2015 by Volvo, offered to carve in a block of granite all the proposals. of car manufacturers presented during Transport Day, a day dedicated to them, to reduce emissions from their production to zero. A goal that would require commitment, desire and action, but above all responsibility “. So writing in stone, a permanent par quality way to establish a plan and goals and come back later to see if we have followed the first and reached the second. And, if we must be an example when we demand responsibility, Polestar declares that it wants to achieve neutrality of air by 2030.

A year later, the investigation made by Polestar in the second video is however very painful. His title? pain” Silence carved in rock “. ” Out of the hundreds of car brands around the world, only a few were willing to invest in the necessary steps to even reach the minimum level. “. block of granite so remained hopelessly virgin.

Next November, at COP27 this time in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt, Polestar believes that its colleagues will have a second chance to make a firm and firm commitment and is bringing its empty stone cube, hoping at this time that it will finally be ” motivation to do better, motivation to fill a gap “.

Obviously, we can see in this approach of Polestar, which will finally be distributed in France after its defeat by Citroën, a way to position itself as a benchmark in the field of sustainability by going further to distribute the good and bad points. A publicity stunt on the backs of friends when, let’s face it, no one is blameless, and especially not a brand that makes all its cars in China. But it’s a vision shared by Thomas Ingenlath, his boss, who doesn’t mince his words to the point of appearing outside of the commercial sphere. ” It is clear that we are tired of these climate meetings “, he says,” But businesses and consumers can be medicine. If we are not going to write the law, we have the power to act now and make real change. We have a responsibility and it is up to us to send a signal to show that we are ready. »

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Ingenlath goes further, calling for an early shutdown of fossil fuel vehicles worldwide. ” Only 1.5% of the vehicles in circulation today in the world are electric, it is clear that we are in an EV bubble and not a tidal wave. This decade is important in order not to exceed the goals of the Paris agreements. We need governments to lead the charge with strong regulations, on infrastructure and to control electricity prices, so that consumers can switch to electricity with confidence, and most importantly, that car manufacturers act now and no longer wait for political change without hesitation. »