Polestar logo controversy.  Citroen wins in court

Polestar logo controversy. Citroen wins in court

Citroen is a brand that has been building its market position for more than 100 years. It is a long time, and the logo of this company cannot be confused with any other. It refers to the metal gears that Citroen produced in the early 19th and early 20th centuries. It turns out that the French manufacturer did not like the mark made by the Polestar brand, founded in 2017, which was previously owned by Volvo and is part of the Geely group. At first glance, the logos don’t look the same. After all, the first, as mentioned, is related to metal gears, and the second is about the North Star. However, Citroen saw the problem that both include two chevrons.

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Citroen logo.


Polestar logo.


The dissatisfaction of the French concern was so great that in July 2019, it took the case to court, claiming that the Polestar logo undermines the good name of the Citroen brands and violates French law related to registered trademarks. The court has now, after considering the case, agreed with Citroen’s objections. He decided that the Swedish brand – Polestar – owned by the Chinese, broke the law. As a result of this judgment, the company had to pay PLN 150,000. Euro compensation and was banned from selling its products in France for the next 6 months (it is worth adding that the first Polestar 2 models were released for the French market at the beginning of 2021).