Polestar O₂: Electrical road to series production

Polestar O₂: Electrical road to series production

Polestar O₂, a hardtop convertible version, features a performance vision of Polestar and an exciting driving experience. Polestar Boss Thomas Ingenlath is keen to bring realism to the beautiful O2 concept car. And in a way that you can also afford an electric car. The structure of the Polestar O₂ is clearly related to the concept of the Polestar Precept car, but it has its own characteristics.

It is precisely this structure that plays an important role for Polestar. The brand perspective is on “Communication technology through design”, as Polestar boss Ingenlath told TopGear. He further states: “My ambition is to turn it into a production vehicle, but it’s not that simple.” Polestar CEO attributes this to the complexity of the project, which also needs to be given less time. “We have to see where O2 is going. When you draw a picture it is best to let it rest and look at it again after a few months to see if it is a good picture.”Ingelath continues.

The Polestar O₂ is built on the foundation laid by the concept of the Polestar Precept vehicle as a vision of the company’s design, technology and sustainable aspirations. The concept car launched at the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival revealed that it was designed for a modified version of the aluminum platform used on the Polestar 5 magnification prototype.

So not only does the car stand as a model of the structure on wheels, but it actually has a technical base that works under it. The CEO explained further to TopGear: “We are investing in our electric train and building it ourselves. The rear engine – internal development – produces more than 870 hp with the front engine. It’s amazing what you can do with electric engines. However, performance is not everything, because Tesla can do that too.

The deciding question is how the car works. “And I’m 100 percent sure that the guys on the England team and our repair specialists in Gothenburg will make sure it is a car that drivers enjoy. That it runs very well, how it changes accurately, how it can be driven correctly.”Ingenlath continues – related to Polestar 5.

And although the 872bhp four-door GT looks like the mainstay of the Polestar portfolio, the company thinks it is this trader instead. “Polestar O2 is the hero car for our brand”said Ingenlath as he presented the concept. “It opens the door to our secret room of future potential. This is a taste of what we can design and develop.”

Source: TopGear – Polestar Boss: “My ambition is to make O2 a production vehicle”