Polestar O2 – road with a retractable roof and drone

Polestar O2 – road with a retractable roof and drone

A brand owned by the Chinese company Geely Polestarshowed the world its latest engineering achievement. Polestar O2 it is an example that should clearly show the infinite potential to come electricitycombine color construction road with retractable top, precise steering, high performance and eco-friendly operation.

As befits the concept, the car is amazing, and even a little different future style. The biggest surprise is the amount of space inside, which enables comfortable travel for up to four people. The manufacturer also indicates many “hidden”. aerodynamic solutionswhich facilitates the flow of air and reduces the turbulence of the air behind the car. This, of course, should translate into greater battery performance and high performance car. Unfortunately, there is no question of detailed technical data yet.

The interior focuses on remote ecology. Most of the line’s components are made from recycled materials polyester. The biggest surprise, however, is the additional equipment, which includes, among others an unmanned aircraft, placed behind the rear seats. The drone mentioned above can be activated while driving to record your troubles on the road. The robot should follow the vehicle fully automatically and “keep up with it” even when it is traveling at a speed up to up to 90 km / h. After the shooting is finished, the drone will “park” itself in the car, and the photos will be available for editing directly on the display in the car.

Although the above concept looks very interesting, it is unlikely to be used in a production car. At the moment, it is not even known whether Polestar O2 will ever turn into a production car. The manufacturer, however, assures that there are chances for this.