Police report 01/25/2023 |  Radio Bamberg

Police report 01/25/2023 | Radio Bamberg

City of Bamberg:

BAMBERG. Between January 21 and 24, the front registration number of a silver Peugeot car was stolen in the city of Bamberg. The cost of changing the number plate is around 20 euros. The property damage caused is estimated at around 10 euros.

BAMBERG. On Tuesday evening around 11:45 pm, a 32-year-old man was seen east of Bamberg who was playing with a parked gray Mercedes and also attacked it. The criminal was initially able to escape, but was caught by the police a short time later. It is not yet known if anything was stolen from the vehicle.

BAMBERG. On Wednesday morning, shortly before 3 am, a police patrol found a 37-year-old man at a supermarket on Pödeldorfer Straße, who was taking various vegetables from a container there. Items have been returned. They were worth 50 euros. The thief should answer for the crime of theft.

BAMBERG. Between January 10 and 24, a white Renault Kangoo parked there on Lichtenhaidestrasse was painted with a felt-tip pen on the left side of the car. In addition, a pentagram was attached to the tailgate and the right side of the car was painted. The car owner suffered property damage of around 2000 euros as a result.

Police will take notices of criminals by Phone: 0951/9129-210.

BAMBERG. When turning from Magazinstraße to Jäckstraße on Monday, shortly before 12 pm, the car driver ignored the cyclist’s right of way. Although he tried to brake, he couldn’t stop him from falling into the trailer loading area and falling to the ground. The van driver initially drove away, but was close to the police. He said that he did not notice anything about the accident. The cyclist suffered minor injuries. Property damage of around 200 euros was caused to the transporter.

BAMBERG. On Tuesday morning, shortly before 9 am, a Mercedes driver was checked in traffic on Weißenburgstrasse. It was found that the 39-year-old man did not have a valid driver’s license. In addition, police officers were able to identify common symptoms of drug failure, which is why a blood test was inevitable.

BAMBERG. The 41-year-old driver was checked in Schillerplatz shortly before 2:30 pm on Tuesday. The officers also noted that this driver was using drugs, which is why he also had to have his blood taken.

BAMBERG. During a police operation on Tuesday afternoon shortly after 4pm in the garden city, police officers noticed the smell of drugs in an apartment. Prosecutors ordered a search warrant and found a small amount of marijuana and a digital scale in two of the men’s rooms, which were confiscated. The two 23-year-olds should face criminal charges for violating the Narcotic Drugs Act.

BAMBERG. On Tuesday evening, shortly before 9:45 pm, the police put a 27-year-old driver on a traffic check in Nürnberger Strasse. It was found that the man did not have a valid driver’s license, which was obtained at the beginning of December last year. He also had a one-handed knife in his pocket, which the police confiscated. The owner of the car must also expect criminal charges because he knew that the 27-year-old did not have a driver’s license.

BAMBERG. On Tuesday morning, a 45-year-old woman was visited by the police because there was a warrant for her arrest. In the woman’s room, the police found more than seven grams of herbal mixture, which was confiscated. After that, the woman was imprisoned for two months.

Bamberg Country:

DOWN. The place name sign at the end of town towards Sassanfahrt was stolen by an unknown person between January 9 and January 13. Who can provide information about the location of the place name sign? The Bamberg-Land Police, Phone 0951/9129-310, is asking for information from witnesses.

MEEDENDORF. During the night from Monday to Tuesday, an unknown criminal stole an anthracite/orange bicycle from a shop on Steinäckerstrasse. The theft damage amounts to approximately 800 euros. Bamberg-Land Police, Phone 0951/9129-310, accepts witness statements.

MEMELSDORF. On Monday, between 6.30 pm and 8 pm, an unknown criminal stole a mobile phone worth around 100 euros from a dressing room in the Seehofhalle. Who gave the survey? Bamberg-Land Police, Phone 0951/9129-310, accepts tips.

HIRSCHAID. On Tuesday, around 2:25 pm, the ashes of the fire were poured into a green waste container on Maximilianstrasse by an unknown person. This caused a fire, which was extinguished by the Hirschaid fire brigade. Who can report a polluter? Reports are requested by the Bamberg-Land police, Phone 0951/9129-310.

City and district of Forchheim:

Kersbach. On Tuesday evening around 6:00 pm, a 47-year-old VW/Passat driver drove down Baiersdorfer Strasse towards Forchheim. When he turned, he ignored the 50-year-old Hyundai driver who was coming from the right and had the right of way. There was a collision, the amount of damage is estimated at around 3,000 euros.

forchheim On Tuesday afternoon, a 16-year-old boy stole several cosmetics from a pharmacy in Bamberger Strasse. As the 16-year-old passed the checkout, the alarm rang. When the suitcases were searched, goods worth EUR 53 were found. The girl now has to answer for the theft. He was then handed over to his mother.

forchheim On Tuesday afternoon around 13:45 pm, an 18-year-old met an acquaintance in a parking lot in Konrad-Ott-Strasse. After a short time, suddenly the previously unknown person appeared behind the 18-year-old boy, hit him in the face with his hand and fled towards the city. The 18-year-old then fell to the ground, his colleague ran away in fear, but he was able to see the incident. According to the description of the perpetrator, he should be a male. Anyone who can provide information about a possible perpetrator or who can provide a suspicious observation in the relevant crime period, please call the Forchheim Police Investigation on 09191-70900.

mountain dispute A 41-year-old man from the district of Forchheim was driving too fast when he drove his car through Streitberg. As a result, he will have to surrender his driving license for a month in the near future.

Officers from the Ebermannstadt police conducted a speed test on the B 470 in the Streitberg district in the evening hours. Around 8:00 p.m., laser beams caught a Citroen whose driver was driving at a speed of 90 km/h in the 50 km/h speed limit. He was stopped on the spot and informed about the high speed and its consequences. In addition to large fines and points in Flensburg, the person himself will have to do without a car for a long time.

Ebermannstadt. On Tuesday night, vandals caused extensive damage to property on Georg-Wagner-Straße at the school bus stop and on school buildings. In this context, the Ebermannstadt police are asking for information on how to identify the perpetrators.

During the dark and in order to remain undetected, several criminals raided near private school centers and sprayed traffic signs on the bus station, bus shelter and a school bus parked specifically with ‘1’ tags. FCN’ and ‘UN94’ in red and black. But they didn’t stop at the school buildings either. Secondary school and primary and middle school were also targets of their attacks. In addition, sprinklers ‘feigned immortality’ at an oil-fired power station near the high school. The oil should be denatured for several hours. The damage is equivalent to the high four-digit euro rate. The Ebermannstadt police have started an investigation and are asking for important information.

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