Porsche 2026 entry despite collapse of Red Bull deal?

Porsche 2026 entry despite collapse of Red Bull deal?

The “marriage dream” in Formula 1 is not happening: Red Bull and Porsche have ended negotiations. However, Porsche may enter the World Cup in 2026.


important points in brief

  • Porsche and Red Bull cannot agree on a partnership.
  • However, Porsche has not yet buried its plans to enter Formula 1.
  • However, the German manufacturer does not have many options.

Shortly before the signing, the agreement between Red Bull and Porsche failed: Before the Italian doctor, both parties confirmed that the negotiations were over. The reason: Red Bull did not want to be involved with Porsche’s participation in the F1 team.

Would you like a collaboration between Red Bull and Porsche?

This puts Porsche’s plans to enter Formula 1 on hold for now. In an official statement, the German manufacturer only said that the situation will continue to be monitored. So the promise of F1 is not off the table.

The team that owns the factory is not an option

But what options do the Zuffenhauseners have? Starting your work team can probably go beyond the financial system. In addition, the factory’s commitment to the world long-distance championship has just been launched.

This means that Porsche is only starting with an existing Formula 1 team. Cleaning is probably not an option – Hinwil will partner with Audi. The Ingolstadt company’s entry into Formula 1 has already been fixed. The partner team will be announced before the end of the year.

Ferrari, Mercedes and Alpine build their own engines and it’s also not an issue. At Red Bull Powertrains, the company’s first Formula 1 engine is already working on the test bench. From 2026 it will be used by Red Bull and AlphaTauri.

This leaves only two possible buyers: Williams and Haas. The American team cannot risk its partnership with Ferrari, which goes far beyond engine supply. For Williams, on the other hand, the chances are not bad.

Will Porsche enter Formula 1 with Andretti?

Perhaps Porsche will even be king for another Formula 1 prospect: So far, Formula 1 has closed the door on Andretti Autosport. But if the American team brought Porsche as a partner, the Premier class might reconsider.

A collaboration between Porsche and Andretti is not impossible. In Formula E, the German manufacturer is already providing the powertrain for the American team. But: Andretti would need years to be competitive – a big risk for Porsche.

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