Porsche 911 GT3 RS: and the driving machine on the race track

Porsche 911 GT3 RS: and the driving machine on the race track

Normally UK: Monday, 9 am, at Silverstone. It’s raining cats and dogs, the sky is gray over the Grand Prix track. We have a new date 911 GT3 RS. Here it is, because the British F1 circuit is the best place to feel the humiliation, the underdog and the underdog. I beg your pardon? Sounds like motorsport? Yes, the car is nothing more than pure motorsport.

I know we’ve written many times before: street racing cars. But that saying has never been more appropriate than with this new RS! In the pits, an uneasy mix of suspense and tension. Fortunately, the pictures had already been taken the day before, but how are you supposed to show the press the car and its capabilities now?

No show: This 911 is as close to a race car as it’s ever been, it just needs the starting numbers.

With four cars waiting in the pit lane, Porsche’s GT development boss Andy Preuninger talks to one of his Nordschleife record-breaking drivers, Jörg Bergmeister. drive or not? Verdict: drive!

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

For the new generation 911, the GT3 RS has also become heavier. It weighs 1450 kg and has 525 hp.

The GT3 RS has become stronger and heavier

Another attempt is made by a sweeper to sweep large puddles, during a brief technical briefing. First of all, this car is so complicated in terms of modification options that the description will require ten pages – we will save you. Important: 525 hp, 1450 kg, compared to the predecessor (520 hp/1430 kg) less power, but also heavier.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Each part is perforated, ribbed or closed plate. What is all this for? 860 kg of contact pressure at 285 km / h!

High effort for fast lap times

More power was not an issue, the four-liter boxer engine was already exhausted in the last model, the hybrid and hybrid “still” are not an issue. The weight was not too much either, the new generation 911 is bigger, wider and heavier. So the only way to make the car faster was through aerodynamics, chassis and technology. But we’re not talking about sprints or laps here, it’s about lap times.

Then hope springs up, Bergmeister reports: “The road is almost dry in some corners, we will try in ten minutes.” So back to aerodynamics. It should direct the airflow as cleverly and efficiently as possible into and around the vehicle. And also use air as a pressure component. Porsche it has removed all restrictions in terms of spoilers and air intakes which are still allowed.

Attractive tail for high performance

The formidable rear wing is the most visible. The first tail section in 911 history that is higher than the roof. The whole thing is not only carbon, the upper wing board can be adjusted by 34 degrees with a button (DRS: Drag Reduction System).

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Monstrous: The new GT3 RS is the first 911 with a rear wing that protrudes from the roof. Its aerodynamic effect is very large.

It means active aerodynamics and active wings in front (from 100 km/h, with 95 percent of the accelerator pedal), brake function is included. Sorry, does that sound like Formula 1? That’s right, they use the same system.

And what does it mean? At a speed of 200 km / h, the 911 weighs 400 kg on the pavement, and at 285 km / h it is an incredible 860 kg. The “air number” even went so far that two fins were placed on the roof so that the warm air from the radiator did not affect the power of the engine.

386 kW (525 hp) at 8500 rpm

Rear wheel drive, seven-speed clutch

Dark clouds are approaching again from afar, but now quickly inside the car. Mount, align, lock, turn the wheel on the steering wheel to “Track” and turn off. Unfortunately, there is no time today for more sports modifications (hardness of shock absorption, differential lock effect, traction control). We want to feel the downward force when the box is holding the pitch by itself through the air.

The handling imparts great driving pleasure

Even the first curves make him smile big. What a curve-hugging handling, road-holding that handles lateral acceleration with zero interest. A highly developed boxer looks evil, in 9000 visits he borders on child protection.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

The editor is lucky: the speed of the curve and 9000 visits are addictive. Even the first curves make him smile big.

The dual-clutch transmission shifts through the gears with plenty of verve in the differential direction. Despite the wet spots on the pavement, the chassis shines with magical grip, turning and descending is like a roller coaster. reduce power? Yes, it seems to everyone – my neck muscles still hurt to this day.