“Porsche asked us to take care of its customers” LMDh

“Porsche asked us to take care of its customers” LMDh

As one of four chassis suppliers, Multimatic was selected by Porsche for its LMDh program.

A few days before the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, which will mark the first race of the Porsche 963 in GTP, Pascal Zurlinden, director of performance engineering at Multimatic, spoke about this partnership.

What is Multimatic’s involvement in LMDh?

“We are one of four selected chassis suppliers. Car manufacturers can choose which of the four suppliers will form the ‘backbone’ of their car and we were honored to be chosen by Porsche. As part of the backbone, we will also supply Porsche with these shock absorbers Soon Multimatic DSSV designed for racing models. »

Why do you think Porsche chose Multimatic?

“Our two companies have worked together on a number of projects over the years: 919, RSR, Cup, etc. This means that we were already used to working as a team, which eliminates any risk of loss when trying to achieve our goal. Another important factor could be The fact that Multimatic is based in Charlotte, right next to Porsche Penske Motorsport, makes the project even better. »

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How did Multimatic go about creating the “backbone” of the Porsche 963?

“Since the LMDh regulations were completely new, we had to start from scratch. This is where our 30 years of experience in the development of competition cars began. All the dimensions and many measurements were completely different from the previous regulations. Under the direction of Julian Sole, Our motorsport engineering department started from scratch. »

Were there any special challenges?

“One of the main challenges is that we had to make a chassis/car to accommodate different engines; V8 turbo from Porsche but also any other engine from customers who contact us to use our backbone. »

Where are the frames made?

“Mainly in-house in the UK, using our carbon equipment, racing damping equipment and manufacturing equipment. Everything is then assembled at the Multimatic Niche Volume Assembly (MNVA) in Thetford. »

What is Multimatic’s current role in this initiative?

“As a ‘Technology Partner’, our participation in the Porsche Motorsport LMDh program does not stop with the supply of systems and parts to Porsche in Weissach. Porsche asked us to take care of their customers by providing technical support for performance, distribution and systems, as well as providing service “

Are you ready for Daytona?

“After the test program that we have done in 2022 and in recent days, we can say that we are as ready as possible for Daytona. »