Porsche has only one chance to enter Formula 1 – Formula 1 News

Porsche has only one chance to enter Formula 1 – Formula 1 News

THE TT GP Starting this week discussed the entry of a new team on the national grid he gives System 1, but he also talked about Porsche. The German luxury factory was quoted as joining the championship from 2026, in partnership with Red Bull, but the plan did not move forward. Now, the question is: can the brand still enter the World Cup?

position of Porsche it became difficult after the taurine team decided to continue with the idea of ​​developing its own engine. And this is a completely different situation Audiwhich has already acquired Sauber (for now Alfa Romeo) to prepare for the arrival in the highest society of motorsport. It is important to say that both products are under the umbrella of the German giant volkswagenwho ended up being convinced to join the F1 after a change in the power unit rules.

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To look at this situation, Renato Ribeiro understood that there is only one way for Porsche to be part of the grid System 1.


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