Porsche, Honda, Hyundai, Ford: Who is interested in Formula 1?

Porsche, Honda, Hyundai, Ford: Who is interested in Formula 1?

Porsche and Red Bull don’t mix. But there are other manufacturers pushing into Formula 1. And Porsche’s plans aren’t dead either.

The marriage of dreams with Red Bull failed around the Dutch GP in Zandvoort in early September. Since then, it has been quiet about Porsche’s potential commitment to Formula 1.


Like sister company Audi, the Stuttgart company wanted to enter Formula 1 in 2026. The basis was to be Red Bull Racing and run their Red Bull Powertrains. But Porsche’s grip was too tight for Red Bull. Austrian libertarians canceled cooperation on the home front.

Porsche suddenly found itself without a partner – and that has not changed until now. The unsavory collection is fueling speculation that Porsche’s Formula 1 project is now dead. RTL reported the corresponding rumor.

F1-Insider.com asked Porsche. The response from the sports car manufacturer was a quote from CFO Lutz Meschke: “For us, Formula 1 remains an interesting racing series. So we are looking to see if there are other suitable options. We do not allow ourselves to be pressured into making a decision that we are not sure of. “

The Porsche project has been put on hold

In other words, the project is on hold, but not dead. Porsche is taking its time to figure out which options still make sense. One thing is clear: you don’t have to build your own engine. From the point of view of the Volkswagen Group, it would make more sense to give the Audi engine built in Neuburg the Porsche logo. And even time is not a problem: the new engine manufacturer must register for the period of 2026 until October 15, 2022. But if Porsche knocks on the door without notice, Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali will open it.

Is Honda making a comeback with Red Bull? Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

The question remains how Red Bull will continue. At Red Bull Powertrains, the first car for 2026 was already being tested. Austro-British is not necessarily dependent on the partner. But there are more and more signs that Honda wants to celebrate its return as a car manufacturer after its official exit at the end of 2021. Red Bull and AlphaTauri are the main point of contact. Best proof: From the Japanese GP, Honda wants to be aggressive again. That is why Japanese logos are now decorated with athletes from the energy drink group.

However, Red Bull chief advisor Helmut Marko hints that there are other carmakers lining up. Marko to an F1 insider: “I can only say: Formula 1 is booming at the moment so it is a logical step for every manufacturer to consider getting involved. There are other manufacturers, not only the Germans, who are also interested in this.”

According to F1-Insider.com, these are Hyundai and Ford. The Formula 1 series is not recognized by Koreans or Americans. A partnership with Red Bull is just one option. Ford is said to be interested in partnering with Andretti, whose bids for a Formula 1 spot have so far failed.

In any case: Red Bull remains in a good position even without Porsche. As Marko so beautifully put it at the start of the season: “We’re the best brides in the paddock.”

For Porsche, this means that if the sports car maker decides to enter the mainstream like its unpopular sister company Audi, it will have to keep looking for a suitor. The people of Stuttgart know that other mothers also have attractive daughters. McLaren and Williams in particular are in their sights. Two old friends sit in the executive seat there, ex-Porsche man Andreas Seidl and ex-VW man Jost Capito. Then it would not be an unknown marriage.

By: Bianca Garloff, Ralf Bach

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Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

1. Sergio Perez (Mexico) – Red Bull 2:02:15.238 hrs
2. Charles Leclerc (Monaco) – Ferrari +7.595s
3. Carlos Sainz Jr (Spain) – Ferrari +15.305
4. Lando Norris (Great Britain) – McLaren +26.133
5. Daniel Ricciardo (Australia) – McLaren +58.282
6. Lance Stroll (Canada) – Aston Martin +1: 01.330 min.
7. Max Verstappen (Netherlands) – Red Bull +1: 03.825
8. Sebastian Vettel (Heppenheim) – Aston Martin +1:05.032
9. Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain) – Mercedes +1: 06.515
10. Pierre Gasly (France) – Alpha Tauri +1:14.576
11. Valtteri Bottas (Finland) – Alfa Romeo +1:33.844
12. Kevin Magnussen (Denmark) – Haas +1:37.610
13. Mick Schumacher (Gland/Switzerland) – Haas + 1 lap.
14. George Russell (England) – Mercedes + 2 Rd.

Zhou Guanyu (China) – Alfa Romeo (round 8)
Nicholas Latifi (Canada) – Williams (round 9)
Fernando Alonso (Spain) – Alpine (lap 22)
Alexander Albon (Thailand) – Williams (27th lap)
Esteban Ocon (France) – Alpine (lap 28)
Yuki Tsunoda (Japan) – Alpha Tauri (round of 36)

Driver Rating
He has stopped after 17 of 22 races

1. Max Verstappen (Netherlands) – Red Bull 341 pts.
2. Charles Leclerc (Monaco) – Ferrari 237
3. Sergio Perez (Mexico) – Red Bull 235
4. George Russell (England) – Mercedes 203
5. Carlos Sainz Jr (Spain) – Ferrari 202
6. Lewis Hamilton (England) – Mercedes 170
7. Lando Norris (England) – McLaren 100
8. Esteban Ocon (France) – Alpine 66
9. Fernando Alonso (Spain) – Alpine 59
10. Valtteri Bottas (Finland) – Alfa Romeo 46
11. Daniel Ricciardo (Australia) – McLaren 29
12. Sebastian Vettel (Heppenheim) – Aston Martin 24
13. Pierre Gasly (France) – Alpha Tauri 23
14. Kevin Magnussen (Denmark) – Haas 22
15. Lance Stroll (Canada) – Aston Martin 13
16. Mick Schumacher (Gland/Switzerland) – Haas 12
17. Yuki Tsunoda (Japan) – Alpha Tauri 11
18. Zhou Guanyu (China) – Alfa Romeo 6
19. Alexander Albon (Thailand) – Williams 4
20. Nyck de Vries (Netherlands) – Mercedes-Benz 2nd

Builder’s Mark
He has stopped after 17 of 22 races

1. Red Bull 576 pts.
2. Ferrari 439
3.Mercedes 373
4. McLaren 129
5. Alpine 125
6. Alfa Romeo 52
7. Aston Martin 37
8. Haas 34
9. Alpha Tauri 34
10. Williams 6