Porsche IPO: All important information about the IPO

Porsche IPO: All important information about the IPO

Porsche AG is scheduled to go public on September 29. From then on, part of the preferred shares of the Volkswagen subsidiary will be sold on the free market, as the board of directors and management board of the VW group decided on Sunday evening. Profits are offered at prices between 76.50 and 82.50 euros.

The plan is to issue up to 113,875,000 preferred shares, including options for further dividends. This means that the VW Group can earn up to 9.4 billion euros in gross profit. It will be one of the largest IPOs in Germany and Europe in recent decades.

In addition, 25 percent plus one common share of the sports car subsidiary will go to VW owner Porsche Automobil Holding SE (PSE) – this sale will bring VW up to a further 10.1 billion euros. In December, an extraordinary general meeting will decide whether 49 percent of the total proceeds from the IPO and the sale of ordinary shares will be redistributed to shareholders in the form of a special dividend.

For the start of the business in Frankfurt, VW and the Porsche SE umbrella company initially aimed for the end of September or the beginning of October. Initially, they did not specify a specific day – the decision to enter the floor was still subject to change due to the poor state of the world economy and rising energy prices. The registration period is expected to start on September 20 and continue until September 28.

The companies have been exploring an IPO, which has been brought up again and again over the years, since February, and a preliminary decision was made two weeks ago. Europe’s biggest car group wants to tap into additional sources of cash. VW AG plans billions in investments from the proceeds. He also hopes to be more attractive to investors himself. Several analysts recently estimated the market value of Porsche on the stock market at 70 to 85 billion euros – in the calculation, with 911 million shares of Porsche AG, it would be the upper end of the price range of up to a good 75 billion euros. VW currently has a market capitalization of 87 billion euros on the financial market.

You can read more about the IPO and the SHAREHOLDER evaluation in the current issue Issue 38/2022who are you here can download.

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