Porsche Rennsport Reunion 2023: The slowest race with Porsche tractors at Laguna Seca

Porsche Rennsport Reunion 2023: The slowest race with Porsche tractors at Laguna Seca

During the recent meeting of Porsche fans, there was probably the slowest race with cars from the German premium manufacturer.

In sunny California, the seventh year of the famous Rennesport Reunion event took place recently, claimed to be the largest gathering of Porsche owners and fans in the world, which was expected to be visited by around 91,000 people. Meanwhile, the automaker has prepared an interesting and varied program for visitors this time as well.

Perhaps the most interesting thing was the presentation of the limited version of the Porsche 911 GT 3 R Rennsport model, but the delivery of the “Sally Carrera” car – ie the 996 generation of the Porsche 911 inspired by the movie Cars, or the rich marching. The program at the Laguna Seca circuit, where the event took place, is also worth mentioning.

Both vintage and modern cars raced on the circuit, but perhaps the biggest attraction of the race was the special Porsche tractor race, which may be the slowest race of machines of this brand in the world. After all, the maximum speed should have been about 15 kilometers per hour, that is, about 24 km / h.

The race was attended by several important people, such as the American director Jeff Zwart, former racing driver Jörg Bergmeister or representatives of the board of directors of the brand, such as Barbara Frenkel, Andreas Haffner, Dr. Michael Steiner or Detlev von Platen.

Well, this was about the most fun you can have at 15 mph. It’s about setting your pace. I think my aero balance was good and I definitely got more out of the tires,” said professional racer Nick Tandy, according to his colleagues from Motor1 who brought attention to tractor racing.

Greg Garneau, owner of Revival Road Co., a company that sells and manufactures classic cars, ended up winning the race, which, like Le Mans, began with tractor racing. But everyone, including the spectators, obviously enjoyed the fun during the race.