Porsche SE: New target price – set a dust removal limit

Porsche SE: New target price – set a dust removal limit

A few days ago, Porsche Automobil Holding SE presented consistent data. Recently, the holding company even used a weak stock price in Volkswagen to buy more shares. There is also information about the IPO of luxury car manufacturer Porsche AG.

In the first quarter, Porsche Holding benefited from a rise in profits in the Volkswagen Group. In addition, the umbrella company VW exploited the price weakness of VW stock certificates to buy additional shares. The owner of the Porsche and Piëch family company received the most recommended shares from Wolfsburg for around 400 million euros. This increases the share capital in the VW Group from 31.4 percent to 31.9 percent. As a result, a large portion of the dividends divided by the group go to the holding company. The share of voting rights, however, has not changed at 53.3 percent.

In the first quarter, the profit of the holding company increased to 2.1 billion euros, more than double the corresponding figure from the previous year. The bulk of the VW business – the investment results in Wolfsburg alone were 2 billion euros, twice as much as last year.

Porsche luxury car manufacturer’s IPO promises excitement: Porsche Holding seeks to regain direct access to sports car manufacturer and family name again in the fourth quarter of Porsche AG’s planned IPO – currently still owned VW Group. .

It is planned that PSE will now take over 25 percent plus one share of Porsche AG’s regular voting shares and thus receive a few blockers. PSE needs a lot of money for this, analysts estimated the value of the manufacturer of sports cars alone to 80 to 100 billion euros and sometimes even more – before the stock market collapsed and the war in Ukraine began.

Analysts have great faith in Porsche Holding. Although LBBW has reduced its price target to EUR 5, it still sees the possibility of participating up to EUR 116. DER AKTIONÄR also remains optimistic about the Porsche SE. In a typical market environment, 90 euros must be within the scope of the possibility.

The reason for that view is not only Porsche AG’s upcoming IPO, but also an attractive investment portfolio, which should be further expanded in the coming years.

The Porsche SE stock is not the “only” exciting bet on the positive future of the VW strategy. In addition to a major stake in VW, Porsche Holding has made significant investments in the printing of Isar Aerospace, Inrix and 3D, which are now listed. in recent years – Specialists Markforged and AEVA Technologies (LIDAR manufacturer). The PTV program has already been resold.

Porsche Holding should be the main beneficiary of the upcoming Porsche IPO. However, like other car manufacturers, the component is under pressure. Investors grab the weak day. The dust removal limit can be set EUR 67.50. This price level also represents the March 8 minimum.

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