Porsche shares go up and down

Porsche shares go up and down

After falling back again in the middle of the week, car values ​​stabilized again on Thursday. The Stoxx Europe 600 Autos & Parts was one of the top average gainers with a gain of 0.9 percent. It had recovered by as much as 7 percent on Monday from its lowest since November 2020 before a weaker overall market fell again the previous day. As for car values, Porsche AG is eye-catching – the stock is moving up and away…

Shares of Porsche AG, a newcomer to the stock market, are very popular with investors. The shares of the VW subsidiary initially had a difficult time after being listed for the first time a week ago. In maintaining the offer price of EUR 82.50, they relied on the support of the union banks, as the market already suspected. They even dropped to 81 euros in a short time. From this level, they have now recovered by more than 12.5 percent to EUR 91.26.

Bank of America Bank of America confirmed Wednesday evening that it has acquired a total of about 3.8 million shares between September 29 and October 4. Bank of America is the coordinating financial institution among the underwriters involved.

Photo: Martin Mrowka/Börsenmedien AG

Porsche board member Oliver Blume and CFO Lutz Meschke in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

DER AKTIONÄR is of the opinion that the stock still has more upside potential.

With the all-electric Taycan model, Porsche has set its first scent mark. Porsche has sold more than 41,000 cars from the 2021 model year. It makes up about 13.7 percent of sales. Ascending direction.

The compact SUV Macan will also be launched in a new generation as a pure electric car, and the smaller 718 series will follow. The Cayenne and Panamera will soon also be fully electric.

Porsche parts are still very cheap. Given a good electric strategy, potential additional revenue from software updates and potential margins not available in new electric vehicles, the stock has the potential to rise to EUR 125.00.