Porsche SUV runs through Nuremberg at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour – then it becomes clear why

Porsche SUV runs through Nuremberg at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour – then it becomes clear why

– A wild chase on Sunday in Nuremberg: A man runs away from the police in a Porsche – then they find out again.

It reminds of the now legendary video game “GTA”. There was a dangerous conflict with the police in Nuremberg on Sunday morning (October 1, 2023). One by one: Shortly after midnight – as a press report from the Middle Franconia police headquarters from Monday afternoon (October 2, 2023) shows – a patrol group from the Nuremberg-West police station became aware about the Porsche Cayenne in the Plärrer area. Reason: A luxury car driver was identified because of his violent behavior in traffic. That’s why the officers wanted to check the man. But apparently he didn’t feel that way at all. The Porsche driver ignored emergency stop signs. The man drove up Westtorgraben to Johannisstrasse and drove off.

Then the man began a more dangerous situation: he increased the speed of the Stuttgart SUV “to more than 150 kilometers per hour”. The man also almost collided with the tram. Fortunately, at the last moment the panic attack did not happen. Due to the man’s dangerous driving style, the patrol crew maintained a safe distance of several hundred meters – a short time later the police lost sight of the car in the area of ​​Schnieglinger Strasse. What followed was a search – with success: In the end, the car we were looking for was Fürth.

A doubly terrifying discovery

This is where the handcuffs were fired for a while on the suspected 29-year-old driver. In this context, the officers quickly determined why the person was in such a hurry, among other things. The driver was clearly drunk; a subsequent breathalyzer test showed a blood alcohol level of about 0.8 per mille. But that was not all: The 29-year-old player drove under the influence of alcohol – although he does not even have a valid driver’s license. That is why the move now also has legal consequences for the leading leg: The Porsche driver has to answer, among other things, to suspicions of drunken driving, driving without a license and banning racing.

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