Porsche, this model costs like a Panda: you can buy it too

Porsche, this model costs like a Panda: you can buy it too

Here’s a Porsche for the price of a Panda (Online)

Thinking of Porsche, we can think of very good models from the point of view of beauty and design but above all for impressive performance on the road. However, the German brand is certainly not famous for the economy of its cars but this may be a special exception. In fact, this Porsche can be bought for just 15,000 euros.

Every day, driving our car on the road, we will surely see beautiful cars pass by. Especially for those who live in large urban centers, it is more common to meet Supercars traveling at incredible speeds, but most of all, they are very attractive to us mere mortals.

Among them there is certainly Porsche which as a brand over time has been able to prove in its cars the characteristics of the highest level of performance. Not only looking at Porsche from the outside we see well how the work from the design point of view is aimed at making these cars pleasing to the eye.

However, looking at the Porsche catalog we definitely notice one thing or the fact that the price is not cheap at all. This particular example, however, may be an exception.

A Porsche for €15,000 is all true

As we said above, by going to the Porsche website and quickly looking at the list and prices of the German company’s cars, we quickly realize how the average price of the cars is more than €80,000.

We can well imagine that for a person with a normal salary it is impossible to buy such a car even with long-term hard work and sacrifices. And then to think about it if we had to work for a long time to buy a car like that maybe most of us at the time we made the move would think maybe it’s better to spend that money on something else.

This is an example of selling (Internet)

For those who love cars, however, it is a different matter and no price can hold in the face of passion that clearly exceeds the normal value of things. Then when opportunities like this present themselves, it is very difficult to resist and you have to buy.

In particular, an orange 2002 Porsche model has appeared on a used car sales site these days. The car has 187,000 miles already covered on its shoulders, this Porsche 911 Carrera 996 is a valuable piece for anyone who collects this. type of games. car. Only $15,000 and so the 13,000 RTL is a real bargain.