Porsches will soon also tear into the bike track

Porsches will soon also tear into the bike track

Always dreamed of a Porsche on the highway, but don’t have a ton in your bank account? Then a new joint venture between the German luxury brand and Pon Holdings could provide a solution. Together, the two will work on a new Porsche that will be much smaller than the beloved 911. One caveat: it won’t be a car, but an e-bike.

Where car brands traditionally didn’t care about the iron horse flash lightning fast of e-bikes, which is slowly evolving. Porsche is now also heavily involved in the war.

“We see great potential for Porsche in the e-bike segment. That is why we are constantly expanding our activities in this area,” said Lutz Meschke, Vice Chairman of the Porsche Board of Management.

And who better to join forces than with a company from the Netherlands? Finally, the last country of the bike. So Porsche entered into not one, but two joint ventures with Ponooc, the investment company of Pon Holdings.

Pon is best known as an importer of Volkswagens (and also imports other brands of the Volkswagen group, including Porsche). However, the family business started in 1895 as a bicycle repair shop. And even today it is in full operation in the world of two wheels. It owns more than 15 bicycle brands, including Gazelle, Santa Cruz, Cannondale and Union.

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With the two joint ventures, Pon is thus expanding its presence in the bicycle market. The first of the two – ‘Porsche eBike Performance GmbH’ – will develop electric drive systems. The company focuses on all aspects: motors, batteries and software for connectivity solutions.

The second – ‘P2 eBike GmbH – powered by Porsche’ – will use these operating systems to launch the “new generation of Porsche eBikes” from the middle of this decade (planned).

“Typically for Porsche, it’s about creating products that inspire people through intelligent design, advanced technology and superior performance,” says Meschke.

The fact that Porsche is talking about a new generation of e-bikes already betrays that these are not the first steps of the car manufacturer in that segment: in recent years, two wheels have already circled the road with the famous shield of Porsche, but. they still used drivetrains from existing bicycle brands such as Shimano.

Along with the establishment of the joint venture, Porsche is also considering a modified construction: the intention is that the drive systems developed in-house will not only be used in Porsche bikes, but also in e-bikes from other brands.

Porsche on the way to pick up (bicycle).

In the run-up to the launch of the two joint ventures, Porsche has already taken stakes in several companies in the e-bike segment in recent months. It acquired a majority stake in Croatian Grape and increased its stake in German Fazua from 20% to 100%. The brand – known as the pioneer of lightweight e-bikes – will now be merged into Porsche eBike Performance GmbH.

Several businessmen from different consultancies were involved in the creation of the joint venture between Porsche and Ponooc. Kearney acted as one of the strategic advisors, while De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, CMS and Gleiss Lutz provided legal expertise for the closing of the deal.