Possible data breach at Tesla |  BNR news radio

Possible data breach at Tesla | BNR news radio

Mobility26 May ’23 17:33The authors: BNR Webredactie and ANP

The Dutch Data Protection Authority has received information about a possible data breach at Tesla. Over a hundred gigabytes of data is said to be on the streets via a former employee in Germany. The Dutch Data Protection Authority may investigate the data leak, because Tesla’s European headquarters are in Amsterdam.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority received information about a potential data breach at Tesla. (ANP / Anadolu Agency)

Stolen bank details

The German trade newspaper Handelsblatt has personal data from Tesla, such as employee personal numbers, customer information and sensitive company information. Bank details of the carmaker’s customers may have been stolen, among other things. The data leak also appears to contain the data of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Tesla reports that the data was stolen by a former employee.

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A possible data leak may have been reported by the privacy administrator to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This happened in the only factory in Europe, located in Germany.


In addition, Handelsblatt reports that confidential data from the production of electric vehicles has been leaked. Thousands of customers are reporting complaints about Tesla’s testing. For example, some cars would accelerate or brake suddenly. Information about the incidents has so far been withheld by Tesla to avoid prosecution. Because this comes out, according to Handelsblatt, the problem of automation seems to be bigger than expected.