Power prevails in Long Beach

Power prevails in Long Beach

Power was able to impress the crowd as he moved forward with an emotional start from fourth place. After that, there was no time in the race when Power gave fans any reason to doubt his victory in the farewell race. It was only in the first phase of the race that it regained its strength.

Excitement at the beginning of the race. Power fights from the 4th column to the 1st position. -, Photo: Sutton

After Will Power, with his good start, moved from outside the second row to the inside next to Justin Wilson, who was on the pole, Power led and from there took first place. However, Justin Wilson did not give up and stuck behind Power. The resumption of the race following the Mario Moraes crash, which resulted in the yellow flag phase, gave Wilson new hope that he could regain leadership after all.

But the impressive form of the KV Race driver continued and all Wilson’s efforts were in vain. In the 12th round – as Wilson suspected, an engine failure marked the end of Briton. “I saw a few cycles before that the engine power had dropped. I felt like I had lost several cylinders, so I think I had an engine error,” Wilson said. According to Wilson’s calculations, the race could be decided on his behalf. “We were waiting for Will [Power] he makes a hole in it to find her there. “

In a race that will probably be discussed for many years to come, Franck Montagny played for the first time in a very satisfying way in the US one-race race. Second place was his harvest. Wilson’s absence meant Alex Tagliani’s turn to step up his leadership efforts. Tagliani put a lot of pressure on Power, especially in the middle of the race. Perhaps the best chance for the Canadian to overtake Will Power came when two fighters fought at the same time. Tagliani tried what Justin Wilson had planned, but Power managed to get out of the pit hole before the Canadian.

From then on, Power was able to control the field and set its distance. The Australian managed to get the lead in 6 seconds. That pushed Tagliani to take over. The Canadian was hoping for his final pit stop, where he had switched Bridgestone soft tires, that he could find the strength leading towards the end of the race. But instead of finding an Australian, Tagliani slowed down by a big step.

Frank Montagny also made a brief appearance in the search for the leader in his first match. Shortly after the last stop of the race, Montagny was ahead of Tagliani. However, he lost this on the same thigh where he left the holes. However, the first announcer recently launched a protest attack and pushed back Tagliani again. Alex Tagliani’s dilemma took its toll. Mario Dominguez was next on the list of those who have not yet accepted Tagliani and did so. Dominguez passed Tagliani and was on stage. Meanwhile, the Canadian fell further and further down until he was hoisted by a flag marked 7th place at the end of the race.

“We decided to run on the Bridgestone red tires, they provide more grip for 1 or 2 cycles but the tire wear was awesome,” said Tagliani. “I was slipping around every corner, it was very difficult to keep up with the guys who were on the black tires.”

The winner of the Champion Race Champion Will Power was forced to give one second of his previous lead of 6 seconds. 5 seconds in front of the first player and former Super Aguri Formula 1 driver Frank Montagny. “I don’t think it was bad considering it was my first race in the Champ Car World Series. It’s my first time here and I’m a racer,” he said. “The team did a good job and gave me a very good car. I think America is good for me.”

Justin Wilson tried everything to restore leadership to the 12th round. -, Photo: Sutton
Justin Wilson tried everything to restore leadership to the 12th round. -, Photo: Sutton

It was a very unique victory for Will Power. “It means a lot to me. We really wanted to win the championship this year but suddenly the series changed,” he said. “That was a great way to install a Champ car.” But there were also a few lucky pilots in the lower ranks. Mario Dominguez was followed by Enrique Bernoldi in 4th place and Oriol Serva in 5th place. Finally, the 6th grade jumped in front of Tagliani.

Other places followed. David Martinez and Ernesto Viso finished 8th and 9th. Jimmy Vasser finished 10th in Long Beach. Goodbye Champ Cars …