Power – why the deal with Sixt is so important!

Power – why the deal with Sixt is so important!

Did you know that China’s auto industry did well over the past ten years? Europe did he try In any case, the Chinese have not really arrived. This was mainly due to the fact that the cars did not meet the technical standards in Europe.

Promising: The Chinese are making a fresh start with electric cars

But now the Chinese want to start a new experiment. And this time the chances of success are much better. Representatives of the Chinese industry have picked up speed in terms of technology in recent years – especially in electric mobility.

Experts now see the Chinese Stromer technologically on par with Western brands. This is related to the innovation of the Chinese electric and battery industry, but also to the fact that the Chinese have acquired many additional skills through many joint ventures with western competitors.

Sixt wants to buy 100,000 Stromer from BYD

Now the representative of the Chinese industry has closed an important stage of its expansion to Europe. You may have already read it in the media: German car rental company six wants to buy 100,000 Stromers from Chinese electric company BYD.

Based on this, several BYD model groups will be available at Sixt over the next six years. The first delivery of the fully electric SUV “Atto 3” is scheduled for the fourth quarter.

This should have a range of 420 km and a top speed of 160 km/h. In addition, batteries called lithium iron phosphate blade are installed on “Atto 3”, which has a high energy density and has long aroused the interest of western industry leaders like Tesla.

Mega Marketing Opportunity

Of course, all these are not record values, but they are still technical data that can appeal to a large market, especially for 38,000 factors and more. Euro Starting purchase price for “Atto 3” is clear.

A unique opportunity now arises for BYD. Soon it will be inside Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK, Sixt customers can rent cars from BYD. This gives the Chinese a strong presence in the continent. Cooperation with a car rental company is basically one thing: marketing.

The car rental company is influenced by the Chinese

And of course it’s a big vote of confidence from Sixt. The group, based near Munich, wants to electrify its fleet in the next few years and is therefore currently on a buying spree, especially in China. Reason: For European and especially German manufacturers, the waiting times for electric cars are still too long and the prices too high. That is why company heads Konstantin and Alexander Sixt have recently been actively exploring manufacturers especially from the Middle Kingdom.

So now the decision has been made – in favor of BYD. With more than one million vehicles produced between January and August 2022, BYD is the world’s largest manufacturer in the electric field, emphasized Sixt Purchasing Manager Vinzenz Pflanzen. The agreement with BYD is an important step in fulfilling the promise of putting more electric vehicles on the road.

The electric car market in Europe: it’s getting busier

In China, these words can go down like oil. BYD is not the only Chinese electric car manufacturer that wants to start in Europe soon. SAIC, Xpeng, Nio and Aiways are also on the starting blocks for further expansion.

But the whole thing probably won’t be a sure success. Because there is a prospect of an oversupply of different brands on the European market for electric cars. Not only do the Chinese want to attack, but also big American corporations like General Motors. In addition, of course, there are representatives of the local industry, who are also pushing for e-offensive. So it’s getting harder and harder for individual brands to get their hands on a piece of the electronic pie in Europe

This is especially true for new products. Observers expect that due to the flood of electric brands, for example, German customers will return to proven and well-known manufacturers – namely, big players such as Volkswagen.

My conclusion to you

This is exactly why the partnership with Sixt is so important to BYD. As a result, consumers can not only get their first experience with Chinese cars, but also see them regularly on the street. This could break the ice for BYD, inspire confidence and pave the way for increased sales in Europe.

In my opinion, the deal with one of Germany’s most influential companies is a very good sign for BYD shares. Also because the partners may want to expand their cooperation beyond Europe in the next few years.

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