Practice at Millennium Park on Saturday mornings.  Classes are free all summer

Practice at Millennium Park on Saturday mornings. Classes are free all summer

Chicago’s Maxwell Street Market will return on Sunday, May 28, to begin its annual summer cycle that runs through the end of October. The Historic Open Air Market is Chicago’s longest running open air market – it was held for the first time 1912 year.

After the complete deletion of 2020 r. and to the limit in 2021 The beloved market returned to normal last year, once again giving Chicagoans a chance to browse everything from clothing to accessories, and of course, listen to live music and sample the city’s best street food.

From more than 110 For years, locals have been searching the market square for a motley mix of handicrafts, random items and unknown treasures, hoping to strike a good deal and find something special for themselves.

Although shopping habits have changed a lot these days, every Sunday for a few hours Maxwell Street Market he succinctly reverts them to the historical past of skimming products and rigging them up on prices. This event has become a beloved Chicago tradition.

To some extent, it is also thanks to being the origin and incubator of Chicago Blues. After fleeing the South because of the law Jim Crow in the 1940s and 1950s, many black artists performed in the market to large audiences, thus helping to establish this genre of music.

“We are history … we are Chicago. Our mission is to promote entrepreneurship and provide opportunities for small businesses, including farmers, artists, producers, restaurants and retailers, as we have been doing for 1912 year,” the site reads Maxwell Street Market on the page

Turn on Maxwell Street Market shoppers will be able to look forward to a variety of knick-nacks, exciting live music and interesting street food every Sunday until October 29, 2023

The market will be open at 800 South Des Plaines Street from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, starting. May 28.

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