Press comments June 3, 2023. We have prepared a set of the most important news from yesterday.  Get information about events

Press comments June 3, 2023. We have prepared a set of the most important news from yesterday. Get information about events

We have prepared the morning media for you. See the articles that our readers read the most yesterday, 2.06. Make sure you haven’t missed anything important. You have read the article: ” Podkarpackie 4th League. Sok贸艂 Kolbuszowa Dolna with points after the meeting in Wi艣niowa?

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馃摙 These cars are often stolen by thieves. What? do you have a car like that? These are the examples you need to take a closer look at

Cars are stolen all the time in Poland. Although there are fewer of them than 10 years ago, cars still change hands illegally. For several years, thieves have been stealing more than 6,000 cars a year in Poland. In 2022, 6,157 passenger and delivery vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of up to 6 tons were stolen.

馃摙 Avoid these cars! These new cars are the worst in the TUV damage rating

An old car of a better brand or a newer car of a worse brand? This is a problem that must be answered by those who want to buy a used car. It turns out that newer isn’t always better. When buying a used car, even one that is only a few years old, a variety of failure rate ratings can help. One of them is the TUV report. It is created every year on the basis of regular technical inspection of vehicles. The data appearing in the information relates to regular technical inspections carried out in Germany. How are relatively young cars doing? Look!

馃摙 Attention! Massive leak of login details for Polish Internet users. Make sure yours is safe

How can I confirm if my login information has been leaked and how can I better protect my online information? – the government website encourages you to read the advice of the CERT POLSKA (CSIRT NASK) team, which works within the structures of the National Research Institute.

馃摙 Beware of eggs contaminated with Salmonella. GIS warns: their use can cause severe poisoning. Make sure you don’t have them at home

The General Sanitation Inspection informed about the detection by the Sanitation Inspection of Salmonella bacilli on the surface of the egg shells. Selected product groups are removed from stores across the country. Their use can cause poisoning and the appearance of health-threatening symptoms. Make sure you don’t have them at home.

馃摙 Police officers who were off duty helped a man who had epilepsy and a woman who was attacked by her lover

A criminal from Przeworsk, free from work, saw the struggling couple, reacted without hesitation. He helped a woman whose husband had abused her. On the other hand, in Jaros艂aw, the forensic technician showed a fast and quick response. He helped a man who had epilepsy.

馃摙 4th Subcarpathian League. Micha艂 Sitek predicts the results of the 31st round

The 31st round of the 4th League of Podkarpackie is ahead of us. The match between Stal II Rzesz贸w and Karpaty Krosno is coming up. See what results of the upcoming matches were selected by Micha艂 Sitek, Pogo艅-Soko艂a Lubacz贸w player.

馃摙 How much does an MP earn? See asset declarations of famous MPs

The latest property declarations of deputies are published on the Sejm website. Citizens have the opportunity to see what politicians’ assets look like, how they managed to accumulate in their accounts and where they get extra money. The website looked at the asset declarations of prominent politicians of all parties present in the Polish parliament. How much does a deputy in the Polish parliament earn?

馃摙 No more tubes and the mother fits. Here are the most fashionable jeans styles for the holidays 2023

Jeans never go out of style and are a wardrobe favorite. Comfortable, versatile, timeless, suitable for many occasions. I will always be on top. They only change the cut, which is fashionable in a certain season.

馃摙 Ekstraklasa potential visitors’ stadiums. The Silesian Stadium and the station of… Cracovia have been presented

As in previous years, three teams will be promoted to PKO Ekstraklasa: two directly (1st-2nd place), and the other through the playoffs (3rd-6th place). All the players of the first league who want to be promoted to the top division had to apply for a license to PZPN, indicating in it the stadium where they would play as a host. Not everyone will be able to play “at home”, as in Fortuna 1 Liga. Meet the field of potential visitors.

馃摙 Children’s Day in the park and market in Jaros艂aw [WIDEO, ZDJ臉CIA]

A colorful procession, handing over the keys to the city to children, colorful booths prepared by Jaros艂aw schools, workshops, exhibitions, artisans and crafts, and at the same time a lot of joy and fun – that’s Children’s Day at the Jaros艂aw Market Square . Many attractions await the youngest in City Park. Monte Cassino in Jaroslaw.

馃摙 Best Dino Festival 2023 in S臋dzisz贸w Ma艂opolski is behind us. Look at the picture!

On Sunday, May 28, the Great Dino Festival took place in S臋dzisz贸w Ma艂opolski near Ropczyce. The final concert featured: winners of Dino Top Festival 2023,鈥婽atiana Kopala, finalist of the fourth edition of “The Voice Kids”, Roksana W臋giel, Pawe艂 Stasiak with Papa D’s band. The star of the evening was Maggie Reilly – Scottish singer who became known from hits such as “Every Time We Touch, Wait”, “To France”, “Listen to Your Heart”, “Foreign Affairs”, “Shadow of the Moon”.

馃摙 Parish Church – symbol of “that Rzesz贸w” [ZDJ臉CIA]

The authorities of Rzesz贸w want an observation deck to be built on the top floor of the Rzesz贸w parish church tower. It can be a great tourist attraction, and at the same time an opportunity to remember the history of the temple, which is one of the oldest monuments of the city and one of its most important symbols.

馃摙 The crowd in Rzesz贸w tasted shark cream at the birthday event of John Paul II [ZDJ臉CIA, WIDEO]

103 meters papa fondant, divided into 14 thousand. pieces on Sunday, May 28, were distributed to the residents of Rzesz贸w. Kofi Julian Or艂owski & Kazimierz Rak gave the residents of Rzesz贸w a delicious piece of cake and cream in commemoration of the birth of John Paul II.

馃摙 Dworaka Market in Rzesz贸w is full of summer clothes, skirts, t-shirts, shoes, shorts, hats and flowers [ZDJ臉CIA]

On Sunday, the market in ul. Dworak in Rzesz贸w was filled with business stands and whole families of visitors and shoppers from early morning. Summer and windy weather encouraged to look and try on summer clothes. Including dresses, blouses, skirts, shirts, shorts, shoes, tracksuits, jeans, luxury clothing, but also bags, glasses and hats.


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