price, range, size, performance, first contact

price, range, size, performance, first contact

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And so, Subaru also now has its own electric, the new Solterra. It’s not entirely accurate to call it the first electric Subaru in history because young people will remember the high-end R1e, from 2003, which was also briefly seen in Italy at the 2007 Bologna Motorshow, before disappearing into thin air. With Solterra, the name derived from the union of the words “Sol” and “Terra”, without mincing words and confirming the green effect of this new style, a new era begins for the House of Pleiades where the participation of the project. and Toyota’s historic partners.

Not only sporty, just think of the new BRZ and the new GR86, but now also electric. To clarify any possible doubts, the Solterra and Toyota bZ4X obviously share electric motors, TNGA Forum, an element of beauty and functionality, but it’s okay to make a difference that doesn’t just touch on some of the visual differences that help differentiate them. On the one hand, Subaru has contributed by wanting a 4 × 4 car and the experience gained for more than 50 years (only in 2022 half a century of AWD technology falls that is the basis of the history of the Brand), on the other hand Toyota has been able to give its approach from the known experience in development. of electric vehicles.

Plus Subaru came in to give his soul in Soltera, which we had the pleasure of testing off-road on the dirt roads of Subaru Land not far from Viareggio. Redo them suspensionYa sense of operation and proverbial Subaru all-wheel drive which has convinced us even now that the hot boxer engine is no longer where it continues to be next to all the other models in the range. So, let’s see how the Subaru Solterra fares in this first contact, its price, specifications and performance.

Subaru Soltera dimensions and differences from Toyota bZ4X

Here they are Subaru Soltera specs:

  • Height: 4.69 meters
  • Width: 1.86 meters
  • Height: 1.65 meters
  • Wheelbase: 2.85 meters
  • Ground clearance: 21cm

Important, given his calling, too angles of attack (17.7°) and of Exit (25.4°), time trunk it has a minimum capacity of 452 liters which is already good for family needs. Aesthetically, the Solterra follows the Dynamic x Solid philosophy that has influenced all Subaru cars for the past 5 years: here, squinting, you can see cosmetic differences with the Toyota bZ4X; The difference is, in fact, the luminous signature, the shape of the grille, more trapezoidal on the Subaru and generally more the shape of the front bumper. Standard equipment also includes LED headlights, fog lights, a double spoiler and a choice between 18″ and 20″ rims depending on the two trim levels offered.

Inside is a revolution, mainly because of the presence of a highly adjustable steering wheel that remains detached from LCD screen. Not excessive in diameter, adjusting lower than usual while respecting the ergonomics of driving, it is possible to read the digital instruments as it happens with the head display. I tried it in this first contact, I see it is a successful solution. The infotainment display is very large, 12.3″ and constant in screen operation. Climate control remains a physical control, while various controls find a place on the central console, including one of the driving modes, for adjustmentX way in which we return to the part set with the manual and the wireless charging plate, with the possibility of closing the cover so that you are not disturbed by the phone.

The latter can of course be configured with to reflect (Apple CarPlay is wireless) and there is no shortage of USB sockets. Under the console, it is not so easy to drive, there are two USB-C sockets that increase to two in the second row. The Solterra comes fully equipped, especially in the interior. With only the top version, however, you have options that we’ll go into in detail in the section dedicated to pricing.

First contact with performance Subaru Soltera

The first contact with Subaru Solterra gave us a positive impression. We can say that the first electric Subaru has been developed, already becoming the stronghold of the future of the Japanese company also in Europe, where the numbers are not comparable to those of the very important North American market but still important. Smooth ride, good absorption of potholes and bumps despite 20″ rims and dynamic handling that inspires confidence. These are the feelings that emerge from the first contact with the Subaru Solterra, an electric car that aims to distinguish itself from its competitors because of its off-road capabilities, as evidenced by the test that Subaru has masterfully planned for this review test.

Speaking Subaru Soltera performance, we are dealing with a car that, thanks to its two electric motors, develops a power of 218 HP, accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds and reaches a speed of 160 km / h. We provide a separate paragraph for freedom, while regarding the charging capacity, the socket is located just in front of the driver’s rear window, pushed by the black plastic wheel arch. In alternating current Subaru Solterra accepts up to 7 kW, for direct current 150 kW. This results in charging times of around 10 hours in the first case (standard indoor wall box) and half an hour to charge up to 80% from an array capable of producing more than 100 kW.

Offroad, however, Route X and Subaru all-wheel drive, now completely electric, has really surprised us. For the undersigned it was the first time for pure electricity between mud and rocks and a pair of independent electric motors, common on the Solterra, can only make it easier to overcome the usual obstacles and pitfalls that hide behind driving on the highway. New is work grip control, adjustable with a small lever next to the reserved position for activating the two X-Mode modes, which vary according to the terrain. I will explain to you in practice: when cornering or climbing, for example, as soon as you feel the wheels slipping, you can increase the Traction Control to get out of the jam, whenHill Descent Control it helps to adjust the speed of the descent automatically by applying the brakes. Torque can also be transmitted to one wheel, giving the same feel if not better than the “classic” AWD that Subaru has accustomed us to over the years.

Subaru Solterra Liberty

On the subject of freedom Subaru Solterra is, as with all electrics, in a range of parameters that can affect more or less seriously the freedom shown by the manufacturer. In this sense The combined WLTP cycle varies between 465 km for the version with 18″ wheels and 414 for the 20″, the data that prompted us to confirm the truth of the declaration in the field. On the 102 km Pietrasanta-Florence route, including the first part deliberately traveled on hilly suburban roads and the second part on highways, the average consumption measured by the on-board computer was 21.2 kWh/100 km on the version . and 20″ above the column.

Together with 71.4 kWh battery that the Solterra has, the mathematical calculation speaks of 337 kilometers of real autonomy of the Subaru Solterra, in these driving conditions. By choosing to drive more in the cities, of course, we would have got quite close to 400 km, so close to the value shown on the data sheet. Driving style, weather and average speed affect the range of electric devices in order of importance, the fact remains that Solterra offers solutions that are essential for obtaining range. Popular regenerative brakingin fact, it is activated or not using the S Pedal Drive button (the icon on the center console is for the accelerator pedal) and the effect is that of a completely natural brake stop. Added to this is the presence of two paddles behind the steering wheel that control the regeneration at four levels: it is not explained how the regeneration increases with the left stick, the one with “-“, and with the right one “+” decreases.

Subaru Soltera price

We are coming Subaru Soltera price, after all the considerations that have made us know him better. For the Italian market, a simple range was chosen (two trim levels) and already good standard equipment at the base. It starts from the price of Subaru Solterra 4E-experience of 59,900 euros which includes, among other things, 18″ alloy wheels, 10 electrically adjustable and heated seats, 12.3″ display and navigation, Drive Mode Option, X Mode, S-Drive Pedal, Safety Sense Family driver assistance systems and Subaru Care-Telematics. For 4,000 euros more, the price of the Subaru Solterra in the first trim 4E-experience+ is 63,900 euros and adds, respectively:

  • 20″ alloy wheels
  • Panoramic roof
  • Seats in synthetic leather
  • Harman Kardon Premium Sound System
  • Driver’s seat memories
  • Steering wheel and heated rear seats
  • Wireless charging plate

Closing with Subaru Soltera price, at the time of presentation there was no reference to any versions of the car’s launch in Italy. Indeed, officially the Subaru Solterra does not fall within the government incentives exceeding the maximum value of 35,000 euros including VAT. More information on the announcement can be found on the official website of Subaru Italia. It’s true that, compared to the competition in the pre-luxury segment, few manufacturers offer added value combined with standard equipment as Subaru does.