price, specifications and technical data sheet

price, specifications and technical data sheet

The ever-expanding crossover market is preparing to welcome a new model: it’s arriving Subaru Crosstrek, successor to the famous XV. Presented at the 2022 Detroit Auto Show, it will be assembled on the same SGP platform as the XV, but the changes compared to the old one are quite significant, starting with a new chassis. In addition, the Crosstrek will introduce several innovative technologies, such as a new drive hybrid e-Boxer, while maintaining an off-road appeal thanks to the all-wheel drive and raised configuration. The crossover will be launched first in Japan in 2023 and only later in the USA and Europe.

Here he is data sheet Of Subaru Crosstrek:

Data sheet
Number of locations 5
The trunk
Power equipment Petrol/MHEV
CV/kW (output) 155/114
Price (from)

At the 2023 New York Motor Show Subaru presents the configuration Wilderness for Subaru Crosstrek. This is an off-road oriented setup already introduced on the Forester and Outback. To differentiate from the offers already on the price list, the15 mm raised trimYokohama Geolandar off-road specific tires and best of all 2.5 liter 4 cylinder petrol 185 hp and 239 Nm, the most powerful in the range. To cope with off-road tracks more easily, then, the system is standard X way (with Snow/Dirt/Deep Snow/Mud mode) that automatically reduces slippage using the four-wheel drive system and power.

At the cosmetic level, however, there are a few changes, mainly consisting of orange interior and exterior details, black plastic protection around the lower part of the bodywork and 17″ alloy wheels. As for the rest of the Subaru Crosstrek production, it is currently not known if and when the Wilderness will arrive in Europe or if it will only be sent to the Asian and American markets.

For the development of the Crosstrek, the Japanese brand started from the basics: the new chapterwith an innovative design and greater rigidity, it uses the same equipment already used on the Levrog and WRX, improving the driving experience thanks to a significant reduction in visible vibrations.

However, the dimensions have not changed compared to the Subaru XV: the length gains 1.5 cm to almost 4 and a half meters, but the wheelbase remains stationary at 267 cm; width and length, on the other hand, are around 180 and 158 cm. Finally, note the raised stance that gives the car one ground clearance of 200 mmincreasing the off-road capabilities of the new Crosstrek.

Height 4,480 mm
Height 1,800 mm
Height 1,580 mm
Steps 2,670 mm

While taking some of the styling cues that characterize the Subaru XV, the new Crosstrek’s aesthetic changes dramatically. There grill front elements a unpublished drawingand two chrome strips that extend from the central logo and fade into the interior strong projector. The second level of light clusters is attached to the plastic protectors at the lower ends of the grille, which refers to the hook that gives the crossover a certain sharpness.

The side also has a muscular appearance, again thanks to plastic wheel arch guards, while the lower waistline helps improve the look of the Crosstrek. Finally, it closes beautifully with the rear, which shows a good play of solids and voids thanks to the new design of the rear light clusters and the bumper.

Even entering the Subaru Crosstrek you immediately notice a change of pace compared to the past: the passenger compartment has been renewed from top to bottom, with better upholstery, new seats and sound absorbers that increase the pleasure of driving. In the middle of the dashboard, he then stands outside 11.6″ vertical touch screenwhich supports the new infotainment system.

In addition, several ADAS of the latest generation are brought on board, as a system Seeing Eyes which thanks to two cameras is able to monitor the environment around the crossover. But there are also known helpers, such as Adaptive Cruise Controllane keeping system and restart warning.

It is not yet known if and with which engine the new Subaru Crosstrek will arrive in Europe. However, we do know that an off-road vehicle has now been introduced in Japan by MHEV hybrid e-Boxer, which combines a 2.0 liter petrol unit with a second electric motor for a power of 150 hp. Additionally, Subaru recently introduced a more powerful engine gas 2.5 liter 4 cylinder from 185 hpexclusive to Desert trim.


  • New frame: The all-new Subaru Crosstrek chassis has been optimized to reduce on-board vibrations and improve driving conditions.
  • Off road: thanks to the four-wheel drive and the raised configuration, the Crosstrek continues after the XV with a focus on the off-road.
  • Technology: there are many new technologies on board, such as the 11.6″ screen designed for infotainment and the EyeSight system.