price, specifications and technical data sheet

price, specifications and technical data sheet

BYD stands out for its strategy focused mainly on fully electric cars, but at the Shanghai Motor Show it also presented a new plug-in hybrid that is attracting a lot of attention: Destroyer 07 (also known as Chaser 07), capable of reaching an electric range of up to 200 km. Together with the Seagull concept, this is an important novel that demonstrates the company’s ability to respond to market needs, providing innovative and sustainable solutions.

Here he is data sheet from BYD Destroyer 07:

Data sheet
Number of locations 5
The trunk
Power equipment Plug-in hybrid
CV/kW (output)
Price (from)

BYD Destroyer 07 is a sedan with important dimensions, which make it a legitimate competitor of German flagships in the Chinese market. And the length of 4.98 meters, 1.89 meters wide and 1.49 meters long, the Destroyer 07 provides ample interior space. In addition, the 2.9 meter wheel ensures good stability on the road.

Height 4,980 mm
Height 1,890 mm
Height 1,495 mm
Steps 2,900 mm

There BYD Destroyer 07 it comes with the classic salon style of 5 meters, but with a touch of authenticity. The bodywork is characterized by rounded lines, interspersed with more angular elements, which partially recall the design of the Seal, a 100% electric sedan that the Destroyer 07 includes some aesthetic elements.

The harmony between the different shapes, which gives the car a muscular and stylish look at the same time, makes the Destroyer 07 a formidable competitor to European giants such as Volkswagen. Family A warshipof which the Destroyer 07 is a part, it stands out for its personal design, which shows the Chinese brand’s desire to conquer new markets and challenge the big names in cars.

Unfortunately we currently do not have any interior photos of the BYD 07 Destroyer, however it can be assumed that the interior design follows the minimalist style typical of modern sedans. Also, a car probably will be equipped with level 2 driver assistance systems, which include functions such as cruise control and lane keeping assist. About infotainment, instead, full equipment is expected Of a new generation of digital system with the possibility to control through voice commands and wireless connection, for improve access to information and the possibility of entertainment on board.

The BYD Destroyer 07 stands out more clearly from the rest of BYD’s lineup, which has so far focused on full electrification, thanks to its plug-in hybrid engine. What is currently known is that the unprecedented DM-i powertrain will be available in two versions and 1.5 naturally aspirated or turbo engines.

According to the data presented by the Chinese car manufacturer, BYD Destroyer 07, in the plug-in hybrid version, has a range of zero emissions. 121 e.g in the Nedc circuit, while in the more efficient version it reaches i 200 km. However, the automaker did not provide further details about the battery capacity and charging times.


  • Independence: the new powertrain promises freedom in electronics alone beyond the average of currently sold add-ons.
  • Lots of potential: thanks to its generous dimensions, it promises plenty of interior space and enough load capacity for the family.
  • Technology: Many fees are on board.