price, specifications and technical data sheet

price, specifications and technical data sheet

There Cupra Tavascan it is the second electric model of the Spanish car manufacturer, after Born, and it represents The first SUV battery powered sports brand. Presented as an idea in 2019, Tavascan is based on platform Mr and will be produced in a Chinese factory in Anhui. Although its sale is planned only in the first quarter of 2024, the Tavascan presents itself as a “caliente” car, with an electric spirit that translates into high performance and a bad design that. will try to attract more sports customers.

The bottom is data sheet from Cupra Tavascan:

Data sheet
Number of locations 5
The trunk 540 liters
Power equipment Electricity
Hp/kW (output) 286/210
Price (from)

Cupra Tavascan is an SUV-coupe: long 4.64 meters with a wheelbase of about 2.8 meters and a height of about 1.6 meters. With these dimensions, the Tavascan is in almost the same position as its cousins ​​the Volkswagen ID.5 and the Skoda Enyaq Coupé. It also offers a cargo capacity of 540 liters, a feature that emphasizes the car’s versatility. Here are the specific measurements:

Height 4,644 mm
Height 1,861 mm
Height 1,597 mm
Steps 2,766 mm

There Cupra Tavascan it offers a sharp and sporty design that gives rise to some of the most stylish innovations to come he started again Also come on examples the future of brands. One of the most interesting details is the illuminated front marker, which has been added to Matrix LED light poles with a triangular profile inspired by the concept. The range of body colors available includes six variants, among which Tavascan Blue and Hypernova Red stand out.

The DCC stopped working electronically controlled, progressive power steering and alloy wheels available in various sizes 19 to 21 inchescomplete with aerodynamic covers, they promise fun and sporty car. The lines of the car, almost reduced to the rear and the strip of LED lights running through the tailgate, give a sense of speed and vitality. Finally,and grooves on the bonnet, which merge into the bodywork, giving the car more gravel.

Interior of Cupra Tavascan they aim to stick together technology and style. The centerpiece of the interior is of course the 15-inch touchscreen, joined by an illuminated lower touch bar. connect infotainment controls, branded audio system Sennheiser and oftitle display and augmented reality. The passenger compartment is designed to hide the air vents, while the sports seats, present in all versions, provide full support during cornering. In the future, more envelope Cup seats will also be available.

On the side of Adas, The Cupra Tavascan also has all level 2 driver assistance systems, such as Dynamic Predictive Traffic ControlTraffic Sign Recognition and Intelligent Speed ​​Adjustment. Finally, The driver will be able to choose from five driving modes, including Performance and Cupra, with the ability to adjust the energy recovery using paddles on the steering wheel.

Cupra Tavascan initially offers two electric motors, both with a net battery of 77 kWh: the one with the rear engine from. 286 hp and twin engine VZ from 340 hp. The VZ version, with a weight distribution of 51% at the front and 49% at the back, can reach 100 km/h in just 5.6 seconds. This model has the same 286 HP and 545 Nm rear engine of the 2WD variant, as well as 109 HP and 134 Nm front asynchronous.

Cupra Tavascan, according to the first data provided by the Spanish company, can travel up to 520 km for one charge in the 4WD version, while the 2WD can do even 550 km. Fast recharging from 135 kW poles ensures recovery of 100 kilometers of autonomy within 7 minutes, while 30 minutes are needed to get from 10 to 80%.

  • Driving experience: the focus of Tavascan is still performance.
  • Engine: the power supply ensures very high power levels
  • Technology: Level 2 Adas systems ensure greater safety for the driver and passengers, reducing the risk of accidents.