price, specifications and technical data sheet

price, specifications and technical data sheet

There AIM EV Sport 01 is the new creation of the AIM brand, presented at the event of the Japan Automobile Council and designed by the famous designer Shiro Nakamura, the former head of global design at Nissan. And the electric motor from 600 hp with a weight of 1,500 kg, the car stands out for its unique design and focus on driving comfort and lightness. AIM, known for engine development in the endurance racing industry, has decided to expand its business by partnering with Nakamura to create a zero-emission sports car.

The bottom is data sheet from AIM EV Sport 01:

Data sheet
Number of locations 5
The trunk
Power equipment Electricity
Hp/kW (output) 600/441
Price (from)

The dimensions of the AIM EV Sport 01 are very short, with a slightly lower height 4 meters and a height of more than 1.2 meters. Overall, the car has a sleek and curvaceous shape, with short overhangs and a clean design characterized by attractive curves. Here are the specific measurements:

Body work of AIM EV Sport 01 was designed by a famous architect Shiro Nakamura, which wore the base and body of the car in carbon fiber characterized by sinuous and compact curves, and vertical opening doors that also connect the roof section. The front has a grille in the same color as the bodywork, splitter and circular headlights, while the rear is slimmed down and dominated by a large diffuser.

Later, EV Sport 01 to be proud of butterfly doors and cameras which instead of traditional exterior mirrors, while on behind camp i circular LED lights. Finally,The car has an aerodynamic style and, depending on what he announced from AIM, will also be available in a variant close to the standard product, which will be built in Japan involving local distributors only.

: inside

The interior of the AIM EV Sport 01 has a minimal configuration aimed at sporty driving. The bucket sits inside Alcantara they are mounted directly on the frame to ensure a direct driving feel. The dashboard is trimmed in premium leather and includes an easy-to-read digital instrument cluster. In general, there are no extras and the interior has absolutely no frills, according to the essential aesthetics of the model.

: engine

AIM EV Sport 01 has a propulsion system consisting of two electric motors, which develop a total power of 600 hp. At the moment, however, no accurate information on the capacity of the battery has been given. However, the Japanese company has said that the model was designed as a track car, which suggests a trend towards high performance rather than energy efficiency.

: use

AIM EV Sport 01 has a total weight of 1,500 kg, which allows to ensure the freedom of approx. 300 km.

  • Fun to drive: Chassis and powertrain modifications are focused on performance.
  • Agility: light weight and a completely new platform promise better handling.
  • Photo: thanks to the anonymous pen of Nakamura, this car boasts a personal and distinctive design.