Prince Andrzej in uniform during the vigil.  Now it’s Harry’s turn

Prince Andrzej in uniform during the vigil. Now it’s Harry’s turn

The funeral procession continues Queen Elizabeth IIwhich is scheduled for Monday 19 September. This is the third day that the coffin with the dead king has been displayed in Westminster Hall. He will be there until Monday morning. New people line up waiting for the Queen to pay her respects every time. Among them was even David Beckham, who spent about 12 hours in the crowd. On Friday evening, Elizabeth II’s children watched the coffin: King Charles IIIPrincess Anna Prince Edward and Prince Andrewwhich, to everyone’s surprise, appeared in military uniform.

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Except for Prince Andrew

Prince Andrzej found himself at the center of an ethics scandal in December 2014 when the media revealed that the queen’s middle child. Elizabeth II and Prince Philip she was supposed to be raped three times up Virginia Roberts Giuffre. The woman claimed that the meetings were arranged by a friend of the Duke of York – an American billionaire convicted of sex crimes. Jeffrey Epstein. For the following years Andrzej denied everythingand November 2019 he left public works. This results in not being able to see the uniform during official events.

A vigil at a dead mother’s coffin is probably the only one that King Charles III has agreed to. He did the same with his youngest son. Prince Harrywhich in his military career has obtained, among others, the rank of captain of the Air Corps (Air Force of the British Polish Army) also cannot be seen in uniform due to her abdication of royal duties in 2020.

Prince Harry will wear uniform throughout the vigil

According to official royal sources, King Charles III requested that each of his sons be dressed in uniform during the vigil at the coffin of the dead queen. So they will come to Westminster Hall on Saturday night Prince William and Prince Harry, who will stand on either side of the coffin.

Other grandchildren of Elizabeth II will also be present: Princess Anna’s children – Peter Philips and Zara Tindalldaughters of Prince Andrew – princesses Beatrice and Eugenia and Prince Edward’s children – Louise and James. They will spend 15 minutes on the body of their dead grandmother.

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