Prince Harry abandoned by Meghan Markle?  Improper revelation

Prince Harry abandoned by Meghan Markle? Improper revelation

What is going on between Harry and Meghan Markle? Since the Duke of Sussex went alone to the coronation of Charles III, there have been many rumors surrounding the couple. According to others, not everything would be not as idyllic as they would lead you to think. In the rows of DailyMail, journalist Petronella Wyatt suggests that Prince William’s younger brother would feel more and more lonely in California. Lord Wyatt’s daughter, former confidante of the late Queen Mother, writes that “friends” to him “Living next to Harry and Meghan” They have often crossed paths with the Duchess of Sussex “at a party these days”.

“She’s going to drop Harry off at home”, he comments. Remarks referring to those of Know which stated: “Meghan looking ahead, time Harry would focus on the past“. To this is added speculation according to which Archie and Lilibet’s father would find “boy” And “place to escape” San Vincent bungalow, a private club located in the West Hollywood sector, revealed a local source to an English newspaper Telegram.

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Meghan Markle will be bored with Harry”

News that the couple’s spokesperson hastened to deny on May 21, according to Page Six. A few weeks earlier, Tom Bower, an English investigative journalist, said: “Everyone says Meghan Markle will be bored with Harry. I think he will stay with her, but I am a minority in America, everyone thinks that after three years they will break up”. So far to say that the couple can divorce?

They may have professional marriage. It doesn’t have to be a normal marriage…” he argued. By separating from his wife, the son of Charles III could hope for a new start in England. “Only, Prince Harry will be welcomed with open armshe will restore his rank, his duties in the army, etc. This divorce is the hope here in England”. advanced Marc Roche, London writer. To be continued…

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