Private rental under 100 euros: These offers are suitable for you

Private rental under 100 euros: These offers are suitable for you

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As a rule, the situation in private renting is worse than in commercial renting. This is because there are no tax breaks and other benefits for traders.

However, cheaper deals can also be found in private hire. In our rental calculator, we have discovered the cheapest private rental offers that cost less than 100.00 euros per month.

Below: Offers for Fiat Panda Cross* and Toyota Aygo*. We have put the details of the offer here.

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Compared to commercial leases, the conditions for personal leases are often worse. This is annoying for everyone who does not have a business license and therefore has to pay extra every month because tax breaks and other benefits are no longer available. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t cheap private hire deals – you just have to look hard enough for them.

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Private rental contracts under 100 euros per month

So you don’t have to go through different providers yourself, we’ve searched our handy rental calculator to find the cheapest deals. And sure: We have discovered private rental deals that cost less than EUR 100.00 per month. Of course, you shouldn’t expect luxury cars from brands like Tesla, Porsche and Co. at this low price. But you can prepare for these trades:

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Lease terms for Fiat Panda City Cross

Target group: Commercial and personal rentals
Duration: 24 months
Distance: 10,000 kilometers per year
Monthly Rate: from 88.00 euros
special payment: Nope
Delivery Fee: 999.00 euros
Price list: 14,490.00 euros
Reason for hire: 0.61
Round: by hand
Performance: 69 hp (51 kW)
Top speed: 164 km/h
Usage: combined 4.9 liters per 100 kilometers
CO2 emissions: together 112 grams per kilometer
Furniture: Air conditioning, auto start/stop, tire pressure monitoring system and more
Color: not specified
Delivery time: available immediately

Toyota Aygo X lease terms

Target group: private hire
Duration: 48 months
Distance: 10,000 kilometers per year
Monthly Rate: from 99.00 euros
special payment: Nope
Delivery Fee: 1354.00 euros (including registration)
Price list: 15,890.00 euros
Reason for hire: 0.62
Round: by hand
Performance: 72 hp (53 kW)
Top speed: 151km/h
Usage: combined 4.1 liters per 100 kilometers
CO2 emissions: together 108 grams per kilometer
Furniture: Auto start/stop, emergency brake assist, rain sensor, tire pressure monitoring system, Bluetooth and more
Color: white
Delivery time: almost five months

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