Production break: Tesla section completed: Production lines at Grünheide will stand for two weeks |  information

Production break: Tesla section completed: Production lines at Grünheide will stand for two weeks | information

This was announced to the staff a long time ago, IG Metall said Friday on request. Vacations for such companies are not uncommon.

Union spokesman Markus Sievers, however, reported dissatisfaction among workers, despite a 6 percent increase in wages announced by Tesla. The bottom line is that the new employees hired today earn more than foreigners a few months ago. This, in turn, returns to the growing problem of finding skilled workers.

The only Tesla factory boss in Europe Elon Musk was officially opened in March at Grünheide near Berlin. The company wants to produce 500,000 electric vehicles a year there with 12,000 employees. But production is still under construction. Musk recently confirmed that 1,000 cars are being built in a week. According to dpa information, there should be 5,000 by the first quarter of 2023. A two-week production break should be used for maintenance at the factory, it said. The factory currently has about 5,000 employees.

Tesla announced a 6 percent wage increase for its employees in August. The aim is to attract staff despite the lack of skilled staff, said IG Metall Sievers spokesman. But he criticized: “Even with this increase, Tesla remains below the level of universal wage agreement in the steel and electricity industry.” Tesla Extension applies worldwide to production workers.

However, some of the workers were hired on different terms because recruitment was becoming increasingly difficult, a party spokesman explained. Nothing changes about these differences. “Active IG Metallers from the staff tell us that there is still a lot of hatred among the staff,” explained Sievers.

In the NASDAQ, Tesla shares ended 2.54 percent higher at $ 752.29.

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