Production records at the Dacia factory in May 2023 |

Production records at the Dacia factory in May 2023 |

In May 2023, around 32,000 Dacia cars were produced in Romania. This means reaching almost maximum production capacity.

During the 4 weeks in May, 31,929 Dacia cars were manufactured at the Mioveni factory. These results are close to breaking records. The strong interest in the brand’s new cars leads to a process of production optimization, which involves moving the production of small cars to the Tangier factory. Dacia intends to focus on making larger cars, such as the Duster and Jogger.

A total of 147,295 new cars were manufactured in Mioveni in the period from January to May. The most popular include, of course, Duster, Jogger and Sandero Stepway.

At the same time, the factory is preparing to produce the new Dacia Duster. The third generation of this popular SUV should be presented later this year and reach the showrooms in 2024. Production changes will be very big, because the new Duster is a completely new platform and new drives – including hybrid ones.

The manufacturer expects great interest in the new model and an increase in orders. It is estimated that it could be up to 30% compared to the current level. This poses a great challenge to the factory itself, which must be able to meet demand.

The new Duster is one of the most anticipated cars on the market – it will offer, among others: a full digital cockpit and a new interior. The bodywork directly references the design of the well-received Bigster concept.

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