Prosecutors won’t pursue charges against Saints’ Marcus Maye

Prosecutors won’t pursue charges against Saints’ Marcus Maye

Prosecutors have decided to forgo criminal charges against New Orleans Saints’ safety Marcus Maye, who was accused of physically assaulting a bouncer at a nightclub in early April.

The State Attorney’s Office concluded an investigation into the incident on Monday, determining that “there is insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Maye committed any criminal act,” according to a statement from the office.

Underscoring the decision, the statement elucidated that due to the “inherent difficulties in proving the contested facts in this case, the State Attorney’s Office will not move forward with any criminal prosecution.”

The confrontation in question occurred in the early morning hours of April 6, when Maye allegedly got into a spat with a bouncer at the nightclub. The incident, which was initially reported to the police by the bouncer, resulted in Maye being arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge.

Although the State Attorney’s Office has declined to pursue the case, the NFL is expected to conduct its own investigation into the matter. The league has yet to comment on the incident.

Maye, who is entering his second season with the Saints, is set to play a prominent role in the team’s defensive backfield this fall. The 27-year-old safety has appeared in all 30 games for New Orleans since joining the team in 2020, and is expected to start opposite safety Malcolm Jenkins in 2021.

The State Attorney’s Office, after a comprehensive investigation into the April 6 altercation, has determined that there does not exist sufficient evidence to establish proof beyond a reasonable doubt of Marcus Maye’s culpability. Consequently, the prosecution has chosen to forgo seeking criminal charges against the New Orleans Saints safety. While the NFL may take its own action, the State Attorney’s Office has opted against prosecution. Maye, who is entering his second season with the Saints and is slated to start alongside Malcolm Jenkins, is hopeful that this incident will remain in the past.