Protection puts hydrogen vehicles in use

Protection puts hydrogen vehicles in use

In the classic PC Red Warning 2 you can select Mirage. This fantasy tank can take the shape of random objects in the environment to prevent it from happening. The defense still has no Mirage, but Mirai has – a hydrogen-powered vehicle. There is no ongoing concealment, but peat ‘is odorless and colorless’, according to the Ministry of Defense. Almost the same.

This week, the Ministry of Defense will add nine hydrogen-powered vehicles to its fleet. It covers five Hyundai Nexos and four Toyota Mirais. Nine more units will be added soon, and the Defense agency must have a total of 33 hydrogen vehicles by September. As you can see from the pictures, these hydrogen vehicles do not go to war, but are only used as a means of transportation by various departments.

Hydrogen Protection vehicles are learning from

By 2030, the Dutch government wants to drive without production. By providing the various departments with a hydrogen vehicle, ‘more information is provided (for example about maintenance costs) and feedback from users about driving experience’. In this way, the Ministry of Defense can consider the use of hydrogen vehicles in the future.

Hydrogen is not the best way to deal with electricity (since energy is lost during hydrogen processing, and then again when it is converted into motion), but there are also benefits to the Ministry of Defense. Refueling with hydrogen is faster than charging, which can sometimes be beneficial.

There are also situations where it is easier to transport a tanker with hydrogen instead of closing the charging infrastructure temporarily. The disadvantage is that there are currently only 15 permanent hydrogen stations in the Netherlands. We suspect that the future Defense ship will be a combination of battery and hydrogen vehicles.

How do these Hydrogen Protection vehicles work?

Hyundai Nexo and Toyota Mirai do not burn hydrogen in the engine. They are equipped with fuel cells that convert hydrogen into electricity. So the car is through electric motors. This is much better than burning hydrogen. Production is the same; water comes out of the exhaust. You will probably see the Defense Department’s hydrogen vehicles on the highway.

Is this the new Mercedes G version of Airmobile Air Force?

They meet the needs of the Dutch army