Prysmian, CBA and Clarios have job and training opportunities;  see how to register

Prysmian, CBA and Clarios have job and training opportunities; see how to register

Metallurgical companies in Sorocaba and the region have more than 120 jobs and open training; Interested parties must register on the company’s website to compete for job offers

20 job vacancies are available on the Prysmian websiteCaroline Queiroz / SMetal Press

A new survey carried out by SMetal media this Thursday afternoon, the 27th, shows more than 120 vacancies for jobs and training in metallurgical companies in Sorocaba and the region. Job opportunities are in industries such as Pryamian, CBA, Clarios, Toyota, Schaeffler and Metso, among others.

Applying for jobs, The parties should access the websites of the companies and register. In the links below, people can see the job description and job application requirements.

SMetal is not responsible for the information submitted by the company and does not control the vacancies or their selection process. The data presented below is public and visible on metallurgical websites.

Check job vacancies and apply:

flextronics (GET HERE)

22 jobs are available at Flextronics International. Most of the positions are for engineering positions, but there are other positions such as software analysis and data scientists.

Metso (GET HERE)

Metso has six positions available. These are positions for service coordinators, engineers and market psychologist – this is for PCD only.

Prysmian (GET HERE)

Another 20 job vacancies are available on the Prysmian website. There are opportunities for graduates, equipment assistant, warehouse inspection, welding inspector, among others.

Toyota (GET HERE)

In the Toyota car manufacturing plant, 13 positions are available for the Sorocaba plant. Positions include international operator positions (only for PCD), process and production analysts, communications and procurement.

Schaeffler (GET HERE)

At Schaeffler you can find three job opportunities. One of them is intended for Persons with Disabilities (PCD) and the other two are for trainers.


CBA’s Sorocaba plant is still looking for workers for three positions: boiler maker, torch and lathe operator. In Alumínio, 40 opportunities are open: electrician, balancer and shopkeeper are some of them.

dance (GET HERE)

There are three job vacancies at Dana, in Sorocaba: production assistant (PCD), production assistant (for women) and talent bank.

The peak (GET HERE)

Apex Company has four opportunities: a talent bank (technical, wholesale, logistics and production) and a legal student position.

lights (GET HERE)

Clarios has 10 places for apprentices and two for young students.