PS Days Hannover 2022: JDM Summary of new revision shows!

PS Days Hannover 2022: JDM Summary of new revision shows!

After years of delay, PS 2022 Days will open its doors for the first time. The wait is worth it: The remake show celebrates the first great game with a variety of brand combinations and remodeling styles. In addition to the usual “suspects” of VW Golf and BMW 3 Series E36, many Japanese fans were also represented. We have selected for you our ten JDM summaries! And before anyone complains: Highlights from VW can be seen here and those of BMW, Opel and Mercedes will follow!

From bad athlete to Honda with high gloss

As always, a must-have for any JDM fan is the Nissan Skyline and Toyota Supra. The eternal rivals were twice represented at the exhibition and all entered our warehouse: Nissan Skyline GT-R R32, R34, Toyota Supra MK3 and MK4. All with great power, but all set in different fashion trends. The Supra MK3, which shows its purpose in the field of running with scratches and several injuries, the construction of light weight and sports equipment, is particularly evident.

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JDM Highlights PS 2022 Days

The guests who rarely meet at the renovation exhibition are the Mazda 6 MPs’ car and the Mitsubishi Galant, which shines with the deepest love of attention. Brightness is also the main word of the Honda CRX ED9. In addition to light construction and high-performance performance improvements, the young Japanese are influenced by the glowing roll bar and the extra blue screws and all sorts of Mugen parts in the engine room. All of these and other important exhibitions of JDM for PS 2022 Days are shown in the photo gallery.