Purchase Tip: Volkswagen Transporter T3 with Audi V8

Purchase Tip: Volkswagen Transporter T3 with Audi V8

If we have learned one thing in our time as a regular guest on the internet, it is that the answer to the question ‘will V8 fit here?’ it is always positive. Engine pathways are for V8s what cardboard boxes are for cats; in some ways it always works, even if it seems difficult at times. The Mini, Ford Fiesta or BMW Z3, ​​does not matter.

The V8 also fits into the Volkswagen Transporter T3 rear, as this gray bus shows. Thanks to the 4.2-liter Audi V8, then this one from 1980 now pushes 300 hp to the rear wheels. This should allow 0-100 seconds of 6 seconds and a maximum speed of more than 200 km / h – after all, it remains the shape that the ocean vessel would like.

The good thing is that this Volkswagen Transporter T3 with Audi V8 is tax free because of its age and in addition, the new engine is on the registration certificate. So you do not have to conduct a previous police investigation without prejudice. Automatic distribution does not change you.

You can still fix the Volkswagen Transporter T3 using the Audi-V8

By the way, you can rebuild the bus with seven seats, because it carries a sort of permit for it. There is no requirement for seat belts for rear passengers, although we strongly recommend wearing seat belts for everyone. Now there is a back seat for three people with seat belts on the back.

We think it is a good base for a good camp to visit a country where gasoline is cheap. We do not know what the value of the Volkswagen Transporter T3 with Audi V8 is, however seller asks for at least 30,000 euros for that.

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