Qatar Airways recalls flights to Warsaw canceled by coronavirus

Qatar Airways recalls flights to Warsaw canceled by coronavirus

Qatar Airways flights to the capital of Poland will start flying again on December 16 this year. The carrier schedules three flights per week.

In addition, from November 5, Qatar Airways resumes flights to Tbilisi (once a week), from November 13 – to Algiers (twice a week), from November 14 – to Miami (twice a week) and New York (fourteen times a week). week), from November 15 – to Chicago (nine times a week), from December 4 – to Phuket in Thailand (twice a week), from December 15 – to Seychelles (three times a week), and from December 18. – to Kiev (three times a week).

Flights to the above-mentioned destinations were suspended by Qatar Airways a few months ago due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The national airline of Qatar also announced that it is opening two new terminals. From December 14, he will fly to Luanda (the capital of Angola) once a week, and from December 15 to San Francisco four times a week. The introduction of these routes was planned for March this year, but these plans were also prevented by this epidemic.

“We are happy to be able to continue rebuilding our route network, restoring routes and adding new areas. We have made it our priority not only to restart as many of our existing routes as soon as possible, but also to launch new ones. (. ..) Our route network now includes more of 700 flights per week to more than 100 destinations. We plan to expand the number of destinations to more than 125 by the end of this winter, said Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways Group.