QEV wants to build e-vans in a former Nissan factory

QEV wants to build e-vans in a former Nissan factory

As expected, the Spanish company QEV Technologies, which is engaged in the development and production of electric vehicles, will move into the former Nissan factory in Barcelona and has presented a new brand of electric vehicles that will be manufactured there from 2023.

The QEV brand is called Zeroid and will offer a range of electric cars and electric buses. Production in Barcelona is scheduled to start in 2023 with approximately 5,400 electric cars and 100 to 200 electric buses. The goal is to increase production to more than 60,000 units per year within three years and create more than 1,000 direct jobs.

Priority will be given to former Nissan employees. “We do not want and cannot lose all the human capital that is in the free trade area. They are the real value of reviving industries, not equipment or machines,” says Joan Orús, CEO of QEV. “Nissan employees have invaluable knowledge , a lot of experience and a lot to contribute.”

The company has not yet released any technical details about the planned models, rather the general facts are known. E-vans are supposed to be last-mile delivery vehicles. At the event in Barcelona, ​​a five-meter-long minibus was on stage, but QEV also posted pictures of a Sprinter-sized electric transporter with the Zeroid logo. In addition to the cars, eight and twelve meter buses with electric drives will also be built at the factory.

Zeroid car batteries may come from China: QEV Technologies is as reported also authorized service representative of Chinese battery manufacturer CATL in Europe. Therefore, the use of CATL cells for their Zeroid vehicles is obvious.

The ad doesn’t say specifically if it’s a public release or if the cars are partially based on purchased systems. This means that they rely on local companies for manufacturing and integration to grow the local economy. Although these words leave room, Orús emphasizes that local manufacturing is important not only for environmental reasons, but also to reduce transport costs and reduce dependence on other countries.


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The QEV will occupy just one of Nissan’s three plants in Barcelona for Zeroid production. For the other two parts of the factory were last October China’s Great Wall car maker and Spanish electric motorcycle maker Quietly in talks. There is no current status on this.

In addition, the QEV was not associated with the Nissan plant in October because of the production of its cars, but as a partner of the electric truck manufacturer Volta Trucks. The Spanish company does not mention in the press release if the Volta Zero will also be built by QEV in Barcelona in the future.
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