Quality, reliability, Volkswagen car problems encountered in the last 2-3 years by research and consumers

Quality, reliability, Volkswagen car problems encountered in the last 2-3 years by research and consumers

L’driving experience with Volkswagen cars always result in a positive evaluation? Or have those who own and use them experienced problems and failures over time? How reliable are crossovers and utility vehicles? Volkswagen is valued for its ability to produce fuel-efficient cars with high-performance engines, such as three-cylinder turbos.

Not only that, but the company also receives good reviews in terms of comfort thanks to the spacious interior and the presence of a digital instrument system on board that provides clear and complete information while driving. We assess the situation:

Let’s examine these features:

  • Volkswagen T-Roc – quality, reliability, problems
  • Volkswagen T-Cross – quality, reliability, problems
  • Volkswagen T-Polo – quality, reliability, problems

Volkswagen T-Roc – quality, reliability, problems

Analysis of consumer reports on forums dedicated to Volkswagen T-Roc owners, some problems arise. Some users complain about malfunctions of the Front Assistant system, water ingress into the doors, malfunction of the fog lights and activation of the low beam, beautiful painting and sheet metal, poor operation of the voice assistant, squeezing of the steering wheel front door, leaking splashes on windshield, cracked exterior plastic on driver’s door, Bluetooth problems, noise when reversing, uncomfortable front seats, engine stalling at low revs in 2nd gear, noise from the front, great instability on bumps in the road, rumbling when the car is in neutral and when problems arise. radio lock.

In the case of Volkswagen T-Roc owners, they stand out in particular two major flaws: the presence of low-quality plastics in the passenger compartment, solved by the latest update, and the availability of trim level 1.0 only.

As forreliability of the Volkswagen T-Rocother recalls have been made by the manufacturer, such as those related to possible rear damage obstruction, malfunction of the engine control unit and sudden shutdown of the parking brake, incomplete information in the owner’s manual about the restraint systems, the air bag system and safe transport of children, and possible incomplete welding of the rear head restraint guides.

The latest Euro NCAP assessment of the Volkswagen T-Roc gave a very good rating in terms of safety. The Volkswagen crossover achieved the following results: Adult Protection: 96%, Child Protection: 87%, Pedestrian Protection: 79%, Safety Assistants: 71%.

On the side of security gaps, please note that there is no driver’s knee airbag. For the passenger, the knee airbag, the Isofix system and the integrated child seat are not available. For rear passengers, there are no front airbags, knee airbags, chest and pelvis airbags, a child seat connected to the airbag cut-off switch.

In general, the European car evaluation program recognizes the presence of a number of positive safety systems, such as automatic emergency braking (AEB) for pedestrians, urban AEB, urban AEB and lane keeping assistance (Lane Assist). The absence of an active bonnet and speed limiter should be noted. Final judgment for Volkswagen T-Roc is very positive, with a 5-star rating.

Volkswagen T-Cross – quality, reliability, problems

Consulting user reports on forums frequented by Volkswagen T-Cross owners, some of the reported problems emerge regarding vehicle management. Some users complain about collisions from the driver’s side dashboard, climate system errors, sound problems in Android Auto, burning smell and discomfort in the clutch.

Other publicly reported problems include horn noises, shifting to the right when driving on the highway, no clock in the Active Info Display, noises made during emergency braking, errors in reading mp3 files and no values ​​for consumption and temperature of oil.

Regarding the reliability of the Volkswagen T-Cross, it must be noted that no recalls have been reported by the parent company so far. Considering that this is a model recently introduced to the market, there have been no general problems. In the historical record of the record nNo official issues have been reported.

The latest Euro NCAP test of Volkswagen T-Cross It has definitely given positive marks in terms of safety. This rating is an important metric to consider as tests are recognized for their reliability and robustness.

Crossover of the German car brand get the following results: Protection of adult occupants: 97%, Protection of children: 86%, Protection of pedestrians: 81%, Safety assistants: 80%.

Between security gaps which affects the final score, the absence of a knee airbag and a side airbag for the driver’s pelvis must be understood. Likewise, the knee airbag, integrated child seat and front passenger pelvic side airbag are missing. Rear passengers do not have front airbags, knee airbags, chest and pelvis airbags, child seat connected to the switch.

Volkswagen Polo – quality, reliability, problems

There driving a Volkswagen Polo it is considered to be persuasive and a good performance for the market segment to which it belongs. Comfort also receives positive reviews. But there is a big drawback if you choose XL size rims.

Analyzing user reports on forums visited by Polo owners, complaints arise about vibrations in the front left dashboard, fog lights, power steering problems, noises coming from the trunk on bumpy roads, internal cracks in the glass of the infotainment display of the cabinet, unusual noises. when shifting the DSG in sixth gear, the lighting is insufficient with full LED lights, heat generation from the steering wheel, tail pipe and fuel consumption errors in the 95 HP 1.0 TSI version.

Chapter reliability, it should be mentioned that there have been recent recalls from the main company. Looking at the recall history, we come across one recall for a potential parking brake failure that required brake adjustment and another recall for a potential air bag failure that required replacement of the air bag control module.

Previously, a manufacturing defect has been reported in the Volkswagen Polo’s brake booster vacuum line, causing possible connector leaks, requiring the line to be repaired.

Cracks are found on the connecting parts of the brake booster vacuum line on some special models. The possible problem of a cracked diesel fuel filter cover should also be mentioned Volkswagen Polowhich caused pulsations in the oil line pressure and the risk of accident results.

The last one Euro NCAP test on Volkswagen Polo were based on the best safety ratings: Adult Occupant Protection: 96%, Child Protection: 85%, Pedestrian Protection: 76%, Safety Assistants: 59%.