Race in Sulingen back after the Corona break

Race in Sulingen back after the Corona break

The German Rally Championship (DRM) enters the second round. On May 6 and 7, 33 of ADAC Actronics Rallye Sulingen will redesign DRM after three cancellations because of Corona in the last two years. About 75 participants, including visitors starting from the Netherlands, will be hunting for points in the small town of Lower Saxony. In the top RC2, all the favorites are at the beginning and, as in the beginning at Sachsenring, they will fight hard again to win. The ADAC Opel e-Rally also celebrates its opening season. After being shown for the first time in 2021, the first public electronic conference cup will begin its second season as part of DRM.

Philip Geipel wants to defend the title

Philip Geipel from Plauen not only won his home conference at the start of the season in Sachsenring, but also celebrated his first DRM victory. Along with Katrin Becker-Brugger, she led the Skoda Fabia Rally2 Evo after 106.7 kilometers in classification with a narrow margin of nine ten-second segments. “It was amazing. My first podium in DRM, followed by a win and that home in front of the home crowd. There is no better way to win, even if it was very close, of course. I want to do better in Sulingen, but it will definitely be tough. “The special steps on the IVG website will be particularly interesting, where you feel like you are in a maze.

The two Julius Tannert / Frank Christian couple, who were briefly beaten at the ADAC Rallye Erzgebirge, Sachsenring, want to fly to the top of the platform in Sulingen with the VW Polo GTI R5. Because the goal of the season is and remains to win the German Rally Championship. “I have never had such a close decision in Sachsenring in my career. My closest result was a victory for 1.6 seconds. But that is all in the body. It was important that we show the game at the highest level and give the audience a good impression. and I do not know if the conference is suitable for me.The connected area will be the IVG site with many controversial streams.There are also steps on the gravel, which I am doing well because I was able to gain a lot of experience on this surface at the FIA ​​Junior World Rally. we will be in the top group, “explains the 31-year-old from Zwickau.

DRM crown defender Marijan Griebel and co-pilot Tobias Braun (Citroën C3 Rally2) want to be third in the 33rd overall position of ADAC Actronics Rallye Sulingen. The same situation applies to Dominik Dinkel and co-driver Ursula Mayrhofer, who easily missed the finish line in their Ford Fiesta Rallye2 in fourth place at Sachsenring. And Dutchman Erik Wevers, a former relative, has recently returned to Sulingen. The former Dakar Rider was a newcomer to the small town of Lower Saxony for many years and wants to get back on the steering wheel of his Skoda Fabia R5 Evo car after a long break.

Local hero Christian Riedemann, the final winner of the Rallye Sulingen 2019, is not behind the wheel this year. The 34-year-old is looking forward to his dad’s happiness and is therefore on the organizational team so he can be called on at any time. “We didn’t plan well with the youngsters,” explains Riedemann with a laugh, who still vividly remembers his victory three years ago. “I had so many advantages in the final round that I was able to make good performances for the home crowd. It’s always a unique thing when you win at home.”

Popular game at a high level

Fans are looking forward to these flights. -, Photo: RB Hahn

High-end races can also be expected in the DRM2 ranking for two-wheeled vehicles. Opel drivers René Noller / Stefan Kopczyk are at the top of the stand, followed by two other Corsa Rally4 vehicles. Fourth place goes to the new Renault Clio Rally4 along with the two Nico Knacker and Enrico Flores-Trigo, who also want to join the Opel phalanx, as well as Sepp Wiegand and Christoph Gerlich on the Peugeot 208 Rally4. The new DRM Nationals classification, the former ADAC Rallye Masters, is also very exciting. Sebastian Wolf / Andreas Luther want to defend their top spot in NC1 in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X.

Pointer leader Florian Feustel and co-driver Paul Gehbauer are not only hunted in the NC2, but also in the DRM Classic, which they lead after the opening victory with their Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.0. Bernard Moufang and Lena Sophie Tippner enter the race as the favorites in the NC3 after the two in the BMW 320i E36 separated the competition for nearly five minutes at the ADAC Rallye Erzgebirge. Also in other DRM Patriotic categories, fans in Sulingen can expect the most popular games at the highest level.

The rally maze on the IVG website is a spectator magnet

At the 33rd ADAC Actronics Rallye Sulingen Festival, 75 founders have to complete a total of 13 special steps over a distance of 157 kilometers. . The IVG website in Sulingen is once again a crowd attraction this year. The two special steps in this public labyrinth on the former military site Eickhofer Heide are unique in Germany.

There are one creep after another 16 miles[16 km]and faults on narrow, crooked paths made of asphalt, grass, and gravel will cost valuable space. At the entrance to the site, guests have a better view of what is happening at the conference. The final round gives fans several opportunities to experience drawing on the nearby streets of Sulingen. Two spectator sections are designated at each specific off-road point, at which point the assembly stage can be followed. As in previous cases, the service area is located on the Informa website and is freely available to visitors.