Radio Fiat participated in the police campaign “Your Lights – Our Safety” – CZESTOCHOWSKIE24.PL

Radio Fiat participated in the police campaign “Your Lights – Our Safety” – CZESTOCHOWSKIE24.PL

Saturday, November 5, was one of the days you could check the condition of your car’s headlights for free as part of the police campaign “Your Lights – Our Safety”. We went to one of the observatories with our radio car to participate in the program.

What is the purpose of this nationwide police campaign, the sub-committee explains. Sabina Chyra-Giereś from Częstochowa Police:

For the seventh time, as part of the “Your Lights – Our Safety” campaign, drivers will be able to take advantage of a free inspection of the condition of the lights on their vehicles on the days set at selected inspection stations. Remember that correctly installed lights improve our visibility, and thus – road safety.

A study of the headlight adjustment in the Hyundai radio

The headlights of our radio car turned out to be well-adjusted. However, the visit to the observatory was very informative. We learned that the improper height adjustment of the headlights is an important factor in dazzling other drivers. The light beam rises with the load of the vehicle and it is necessary to adjust its height according, for example, to the number of passengers. Dariusz Osuchowski from the District Vehicle Control Center at ul. Sikorski in Częstochowa also explained that the problem could also be bulbs with incorrect geometry, which, despite their defects, were being sold:

A common drawback in lighting is that owners replace bulbs with those bought in supermarkets, which are not always of good quality. Often such bulbs have the wrong angle and if someone else places them incorrectly, the effect is that the car will blind oncoming drivers. We welcome everyone to all car inspection centers participating in the campaign to check and fix headlights for free.

It will be possible to check the state of the lights on November 19 and December 3 at the following diagnostic centers:

  • Częstochowa – Kisielewskiego Speedway Street (near M1);
  • Częstochowa – District Vehicle Inspection Center, Sikorskiego street 82/89;
  • Częstochowa – Practical Training Center, Vehicle Inspection Center, 32/38 Łukasińskiego Street;
  • Częstochowa – RAF-POL, 5 Narcisowa Street;
  • Mstów – Vehicle Inspection Center Jerzy Sobalski Gminna 36B street;
  • Convenience – Serwis Global Eurowarsztat Car Inspection Center Kuśmierski Andrzej, Wygoda 42.