Range Rover.  It’s not just for gentlemen golfers

Range Rover. It’s not just for gentlemen golfers

It’s hard to think of a better place to check out this year’s British brand designs than the Barycz Valley. Less than an hour’s drive from Wrocław, on the border of Greater Poland and Lower Silesia, there is a magical world within two valleys – Milicka and Żmigrodzka. Themes attract with their beauty, mystery and panache from the very first moment. Barycz Valley Nature Reserve it is the largest park of its kind in Poland.

Range Rovers Velar and Evoque came to Lower Silesia at the opening event of the golf season in Brzeźno and the first tournament of the PGA Polska Tour series, which is strategically sponsored by the Land Rover brand. The best players competed on the field Grade Golf Cluband invited guests can watch how the main examples of the Coventry concern perform on the paths of the Barycz Valley.

They had tight asphalt curves, forest paths or expressways, which allowed them to get to know the performance of the car.

Strong adrenaline rush

Range Rover models just look the same. Because even though they have a lot in common, it divides them even more. Common denominations are prestige and advanced technologies, but they differ in the lifestyle of the owners. Each of them perfectly meets the different needs of drivers and passengers.

It was designed with the comfort and luxury of its users in mind Range Rover Velar. This is a car for those who definitely do not like to join the crowd. The car shares a floor plate with the Jaguar F-Pace (but is taller than that), which makes it stand out from the narrow headlights and taillights as well as the lower roofline. The small body of this SUV is completed by door handles hidden in the door.

Inside, we find high-quality materials and perfectly refined details. To choose from several versions, we have the option of, among others, choose perforated Windsor leather, suede or Premium Cloth for the seat upholstery. The centerpiece of the cockpit is a large display with a Pivi multimedia system and an intuitive touch screen interface. At the bottom there is a small monitor with two buttons that allow you to set all the climate parameters, air flow and seat ventilation.

In the tested Range Rover Velar model, we had a 2-liter gasoline engine with 250 HP at our disposal. It takes about 7 seconds to reach 100. The car – like every Range Rover – has assured handling and provides an excellent driving experience. The Velar has air springs that ensure agility in sharp turns, and the 20-inch wheels and well-tuned suspension suppress any unevenness. Simply put, we have no doubt that we are traveling in a premium class car.

A combination that may surprise you

If we thought that the Velar would be perfect for long trips, the best option for getting around the city every day is. Evoque.

The performance of the Evoque is ensured by the plug-in hybrid. It combines a 1.5 liter petrol engine with an electric motor for a total power of 309 hp and 540 Nm of torque. The combustion engine is responsible for driving the front wheels, the electric motor drives the rear axle and allows the car to accelerate in EV mode up to 135 km / h. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.4 seconds.

To say that the Range Rover Evoque is a car designed for women, may be an oversimplification, but it cannot be denied that women often choose this model. It is a small SUV that impresses with its unique design from the very first moment. The steering wheel and dashboard retain their personality, but inside we find the style familiar from the more expensive and more powerful Range Rover models.

The Evoque allows driving in both hybrid and electric modes. We can travel up to 66 kilometers on a single charge. We can easily charge the car from the internal socket, it will take us 6 hours. and 42 minutes. The installation of 7 kW increases the speed of the charging time to 2 hours and 12 minutes, and fast charging with the power of 32 kW charges the battery up to 80 percent. in half an hour.

Although it is a hybrid, the car has lost none of its off-road prowess. The Evoque has four-wheel drive. Terrain Response2 automatically detects the type of surface and adjusts the chassis settings accordingly. When water up to a depth of 60 cm appears on our path, we are not worried about it. We press the gas and the Evoque glides noiselessly forward.

More information about the models described can be found on the website https://www.landrover.pl

The material was developed in collaboration with the Land Rover brand

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