Range Rover with a recycled Tesla heart: expensive but sustainable –

Range Rover with a recycled Tesla heart: expensive but sustainable –

The British company Inverted launches its first car: the classic Range Rover as returned for the electric Tesla Model S. You can order one for 225,000 British pounds (ex. tax). With that money, Inverted not only uses Tesla technology anymore, but also finds you a Range Rover supplier. This makes it a particularly sustainable product.

Inverted isn’t the first British company to use the standard Range Rover for an ‘electric conversion’. Another company called Lunaz did this before. But where Lunaz offered little concrete during its product presentation, Inverted can already explain its product in detail. What does it look like? It is mainly ‘green’.

When you order a classic electric Range Rover from Inverted, you’ll not only receive a used Range Rover, but also a used powertrain and battery pack. The British choose to be fixed a second 80-kWh battery from Tesla, along with its electric motors. So the Inverted Range Rover is very fast: 0-100 km / h takes about 5 seconds. Take it easy and you will come with an electric Frequency 320 km distance per battery charge. Recharging from 20 to 80 percent can be done in 34 minutes, according to the company.

Use it again

The choice to use second-hand battery packs is a consideration, as Converted founder Harry Millington places great importance on the sustainability – and preservation – of classic Range Rovers. With this choice, he suppresses the sustainability issue surrounding electric vehicles, because the high CO2 production process of the battery packs is not (directly) important.

A screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and (not visible in the picture) a modified sound system inside.

If you want to own a ‘sustainable’ Range Rover Classic, you can do so from £225,000 excluding tax. You have to be patient, because each copy is set separately and requires a waiting time of 12 to 18 months. But then you also have something: the Electric Classic is not only soft, but has modern technology and large pieces of leather of the smallest type of CO2 – based on Inverted. In addition, the coach always undergoes a full restoration before new and reused parts are fitted inside and out.

The convertible also modifies the chassis to handle the extra performance capability, the tires are one size wider and the sound insulation has been tweaked for more comfort. Interested, but isn’t a two-door Range Rover like this enough? If desired, Inverted will find you a four-door coach, with or without a long wheelbase.

Elektrische Range Rover Classic converted