Real Madrid: Revolution in Real’s company cars – BMW instead of Audi!  – BALL

Real Madrid: Revolution in Real’s company cars – BMW instead of Audi! – BALL

Real Madrid will buy a BMW in the future!

For 19 years, the German car manufacturer Audi had provided the stars of the top Spanish team with company cars. That is over now. Real has now presented a new car sponsor.

Real stars are now stepping on the gas in BMW cars! The club officially announced this. Real switches from Audi to BMW! The collaboration with the Bavarian automotive group is a real revolution.

Because: Not only the manufacturer is new – the car will also change. The change of service vehicles aims to be a symbol of sustainability and future mobility of the club. Meaning: Real cars from BMW are 100 percent electric.

Stars can choose between electric models iX, i4, iX3, i7 or iX1. But not only the stars of the football team will now be in the electric movement. The women’s team, basketball team and all related teams and coaches will also have cars.

Real puts the surprise of the weather. But it should not stop with cars alone. As part of the donor’s presentation, the party announced that they also want to establish a “collaboration center in the field of sustainability”. There, through regular “work sessions” with other club partners, best practices should be exchanged to achieve joint learning success. This platform will also serve as a source of ideas to promote innovative projects that have a positive impact on the environment and society.

Neither side has made any statement regarding the length of the partnership between Real Madrid and the top German car brand BMW. The sports newspaper “Marca”, which had already reported on the car plan earlier, did not give any information.

The contract with Audi was terminated for the last time after 19 years. The choice of a real star company car is always eagerly awaited in Spain. This year the interest will probably be greater…