Record sales of Infiniti, Nissan’s first brand, in 2016

Jan 4 (Reuters) – Infiniti sold more than 230,000 vehicles worldwide in 2016, an increase of 7% compared to 2015 and a new record for the Nissan brand, which is still far from manufacturers, such as BMW, which dominate this segment.

In other words, the German group sells in a month what Infiniti sells in a year, while products from Lexus, Toyota’s premium brand, are twice as high.

Earlier last month, Infiniti CEO Ronald Krueger told Reuters that 2016 would be a record year for the brand.

For the whole of last year, Infiniti’s sales increased by 4% in the US, its main market, to 138,300 units, while deliveries in China increased by 3%, to 41,590.

In December, Infiniti sold 27,200 vehicles worldwide after 20,050 in November. (Jake Spring in Beijing, BenoƮt Van Overstraeten for French coverage)

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